Language, Literacy and Special Populations

LLSP Faculty

Welcome Note from the Chair:

Welcome to Language, Literacy and Special Populations (LLSP) Department! LLSP reflects the mission of the College of Education and prepares exemplary educators and educational leaders who possess the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to cultivate inclusive, culturally responsive instruction and programs. It is a community of professional educators committed to quality education, social justice in scholarship, effective and reflective teaching, and community engagement and service. All of our programs—at the undergraduate and graduate levels—provide candidates with a specialized professional knowledge, a rich repertoire of skills and dispositions, and strategies to teach and serve in their area of expertise in TESOL and Bilingual Education, Literacy Education, Reading, Early Childhood Education, and Special Education with its areas of specialty that include Low-Incidence Disabilities and Autism (LIDA), Applied Behavior Analysis, Educational Diagnostician, Bilingual Educational Diagnostician, Dyslexia, and Early Childhood Special Education.

LLSP’s outstanding faculty members’ research and publications have gained national and international recognition and the department offers a number of robust degree programs designed to develop critical reflective professional educators who positively affect the learning of adults and school-aged children with unique needs and diverse abilities. Through effective teaching and best practices, critical reflection, and scholarship, our faculty are committed to providing quality instruction and services to our candidates to become professional educators and leaders in our evolving and diverse world. The student population that we serve come from all walks of life and different parts of the world. We serve both traditional and non-traditional student populations. Diversity is our strength among our faculty, programs, student populations as well as research interests and perspectives.

Our programs are offered online, on campus in Huntsville, at the Woodlands Center, on-site in various schools that have built exceptional partnerships with LLSP and College of Education.  Some programs such as our master degrees in TESOL and Reading are offered entirely online. Others are offered through cutting-edge technologies with some classes online and others face-to-face. Graduates of our programs take their expertise to schools throughout the state, nationally, and internationally as they become leaders in education.

In collaboration with the Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) Department, LLSP offers courses to meet the requirements of eight (8) high quality undergraduate certificates and degree programs. LLSP offers one outstanding doctoral program in literacy, 5 master degree programs and one master degree in collaboration with C&I department. It also offers 3 professional certifications, and 7 graduate certificates in various areas in language, literacy, and special education.

With such diverse options for graduate and undergraduate studies, LLSP is a vibrant and dynamic community of professionals and has a high quality management team and staff members who are here to serve. We invite you to become part of our robust program degrees, professional certificates, and a great team of professionals.


Dr. Sehlaoui, LLSP Chair