Graduate Program Deadlines

Spring 2016
Masters/Doctoral Degree Candidates

College of Humanities and Social Sciences


February 26, 2016

Last day to submit draft of thesis/dissertation to the Library for format and style review.

March 28, 2016

Last day to complete a public defense of the thesis/dissertation. Obtain signatures from the thesis/dissertation committee on the title page and abstract of the thesis/dissertation and send a signed Report of the Outcome of the Thesis/Dissertation Defense to the appropriate academic dean. Obtain the signature of the committee chair on the Route Sheet.

April 6, 2016

Last day to submit complete, defended, and signed thesis/dissertation to appropriate academic dean’s office.  Electronic Route Sheet due in CHSS Dean’s Office.

April 13, 2016

Last day to submit final thesis/dissertation (defended and signed) and Route Sheet to the Director of the Library.

April 15, 2016

Last day to make all final copies of thesis/dissertation and submit to the Library for binding.  Last day to submit Route Sheet to the Dean of Graduate Studies.

April 29, 2016

Report of Comprehensive Examination Form must be signed and submitted to the CHSS Dean’s Office by 5:00 p.m.

May 6, 2016

Commencement 2:30 p.m.

May 9, 2016

All requirements for graduation (including grades) must be completed and processed through the Registrar's Office by 12 noon.