Graduate students will learn content and skills that address important competencies relevant to today's sport manager. The sport management curriculum at Sam Houston State University is designed to prepare effective industry leaders through a balanced mix of theoretical concepts and practical application. Core content in course work includes:

  • KINE 5334 Practicum. 
    An internship experience in a personal working environment, organizational setting. Supervisory assistance by project staff occurs at frequent intervals.
  • KINE 5362 Legal Issues in Sport. 
    An examination of legal factors affecting Physical Education, amateur athletics and professional sport. Analysis will involve teachers, coaches, officials, spectators, medical personnel, owners of sports teams, and commercial suppliers of equipment and products used within an activity setting.
  • KINE 5363 Leadership in Health Promotion and Sport Management. 
    This course is designed for the individual who will assume some type of supervisory position in health promotion or sport management. The course’s focal point involves exposure to administrative skills required of those who serve in a leadership capacity.
  • KINE 5370 Sport Marketing: Theory and Practice.
    This course covers the essentials of sport marketing which includes planning, promotions, operations, and market analysis. The fundamental principles used in the marketing of sport, products, events, and the importance of service quality will also be examined. Students will be exposed to the latest research in the field and will interact with industry professionals.
  • KINE 5371 Sport Finance and Sales. 
    Students will learn financial concepts associated with franchise operations, stadium funding proposals, budgets, and bond referendums. In addition, franchise revenue streams will be discussed in detail. Students will be exposed to a variety of different sales strategies and tactics that can be applied to the sport industry and will also be exposed to the latest research and professional trends in the field. 
  • KINE 5373 Event and Facility Management.
    Practical application of the principles and theory related to planning, organization, and execution of sport and entertainment events will be addressed. Fund raising and charity management will be considered, as will the management of small and large scale facilities and event venues. Site visits and interactions with local sport organizations will also take place. 
  • KINE 5374 Applied Research Methods in Kinesiology and Sport Management.
    A study is made of research techniques, identification of problems, research designs and data gathering procedures. Students will develop a proposal for a research project.
  • KINE 5380 Ethics in Sport Management.
    This course is an examination of ethical theory and moral decision making as related to the management of sport. Graduate students will review research findings and current literature relevant to issues affecting concepts of ethics and morality in the management of sport. Through introspection, students will develop and express their philosophy toward ethics and morality.
  • KINE 5382 Community and Media Relations in Sport.This course is an applied study of media in business and sport with emphasis on community relations, press conferences, news releases, media-athlete relations, print journalism, television contracts, web-based content, and public relations. Emphasis will be placed on media management, athlete representation, and crisis management with the goal of representing organizational interests in the best possible manner.
  • KINE 5389 Sports in American Culture. 
    The course explores North American sport from a viewpoint that sport is a microcosm of society. Social structures, sub-cultures, and ethics are explored.
  • KINE 5393 Advanced Studies in the Psychology of Sport
    An advanced study of the psychological factors that affect, and are influenced by, sports participation. Both the coach and the athlete are considered in this analysis.

In addition, applied course projects and visits have been conducted with organizations such as the Administaff Small Business Classic, the Houston Astros, the Houston Rockets, the Houston Texans, the SHSU Athletic Department, SMG, and Toyota Center.

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