Applied GIS Program

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Department of Geography and Geology - Applied GIS Program

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system for capturing, storing, querying, analyzing, and displaying geographically referenced data. Since its beginning, GIS has been used widely in fields such as land use planning, forest management, wildlife habitat analysis, and natural hazard assessment. In more recent years the range of GIS applications has broadened to many other fields including law enforcement, oil and gas industry, market analysis, facilities management, and transportation planning, etc.

Geographic Information System is an important component of what is known as the new geography or geotechnology. Demand for those with training and expertise in the new geography has experienced unprecedented growth in the recent decade and the U.S. Department of Labor notes that geotechnology, nanotechnology, and biotechnology are the three "most important emerging and evolving fields".

The Department of Geography and Geology offers a Master of Science (MS) degree and a graduate certificate in Applied GIS.

The Master of Science (MS) degree requires students to complete 36 credit hour of graduate course work. The program offers a mix of face-to-face classes and online classes. All face-to-face classes are offered at the Sam Houston State University remote campus located at The Woodlands Center on Hwy 242.