Joseph Holmberg, M.A.

Joseph Holmberg is originally from Illinois. He has been part of deaf communities in many places and has obtained a B.A. in history from Gallaudet University and a M.A. in secondary education from Rochester Institution of Technology. 

In addition to his interests in American Sign Language and deaf culture, he is also a walking encyclopedia of history and politics. He considers himself an avid reader of science fiction, history, politics, and current events. 

Current research interests

  • Deaf History
  • Deaf Literature
  • Historical usage of the sign languages at the time.
  • Deaf Gain
  • Linguistics of American Sign Language
  • The Interpretation of the Deafhood.
  • Deaf and the Media
  • Deaf and the Politics

Selected Publications/Works/ Conferences

Deaf History within the American History, Missouri Interpreters Association Conference, Maplewood Community College, Kansas City, Missouri., February, 2008

Deaf Heart Panel, Visual Communication Services, July 2013.

Interpreter's Code of Ethics Panel, Visual Communication Services, June 2013

Deaf History From Ancient to the Present, Presentation- First United Methodist Church, February 2015


Teacher of the Year, 2016—Huntsville Item, Huntsville, Texas.



List of courses regularly taught at SHSU

SIGNL 1401 Introduction to American Sign Langauge 1 (Elementary American Sign Language)

SIGNL 1402 Introduction to American Sign Langauge 2 (Elementary American Sign Langauge)

SIGNL 2311 Introduction to  Internediate American Sign Language 1 (Intermediate American Sign Language)

SIGNL 2312 Introduction to Intermediate American Sign Language 2 (Intermediate American SIgn Language)