Maria Hasler Barker, Ph.D.

Maria Hasler Barker is an Assistant Professor of Spanish at SHSU. She is Co-Director of Graduate Studies for the Spanish Program. She earned her MA and PhD in Hispanic Linguistics from Indiana University - Bloomington with emphasis on interlanguage pragmatics and second language acquisition (SLA). At SHSU, Dr. Barker teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in these areas, as well as Spanish grammar and composition and Spanish conversation. She also teaches Spanish language courses at the 1000- and 2000-level.

Dr. Barker’s research agenda in SLA has primarily focused on interlanguage pragmatics and second and foreign language pedagogy. She has examined the benefits of explicit instruction about culturally-appropriate interactional resources for Spanish language students. In addition to her work on the acquisition of pragmatics, she collaborates with researchers in other fields. Dr. Barker received grant funding from SHSU and the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) for an interdisciplinary project to understand bilingual service encounters in public libraries.

Dr. Barker regularly presents both her own research and her collaborative projects at peer-reviewed conferences in the United States and Canada. She has published her research in a variety of peer-reviewed venues.

Current research interests

  • Second language acquisition
  • Second and foreign language pedagogy
  • Interlanguage pragmatics
  • Service encounters

Selected Publications and Conferences

Hasler-Barker, M. (Accepted) Effects of metapragmatic instruction on the production of compliments and compliment responses: Learner-learner role-plays in the foreign language classroom.

Hasler-Barker, M. (Accepted) Language-related episodes in intermediate Spanish learner-learner role-plays.

Félix-Brasdefer, J.C. & Hasler-Barker, M. (2015) Complimenting in Spanish in a short-term study abroad context. System 48: 75-85.

Hasler-Barker, M. & Frye, J.M. “Spanish-English bilingual service encounters in public libraries: An exploratory study” American Association of Applied Linguistics, Orlando, Florida, 9-12 April 2016

Hasler-Barker, M. “Language-related episodes (LREs) in learner-learner role-plays: Form, function, and elicitation.” American Association of Applied Linguistics/Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics, Toronto, Ontario, 21-24 March 2015

Frye, J.M. & Hasler-Barker, M. “Bilingual libraries: Understanding the role of lenguaje and interacción in serving patrons in diverse communities. Association of Library and Information Science Educators (Grant Award Session), Chicago, Illinois, 27-30 January 2015.

Hasler-Barker, M. “Teaching compliments and compliment responses to intermediate-level learners of Spanish in the foreign language classroom.” 19th International Conference on Pragmatics and Language Learning, Bloomington, Indiana, 24-26 April 2014.

List of courses regularly taught at SHSU

Spanish 1411: Elementary Spanish 1

Spanish 1412: Elementary Spanish 2

Spanish 2311: Intermediate Spanish 1

Spanish 2312: Intermediate Spanish 2

Spanish 3361: Spanish Grammar and Composition

Spanish 4370: Methods of Foreign Language Teaching

Spanish 5060: Technology and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning