Siham Bouamer, Ph.D.

Siham Bouamer is an Assistant Professor of French. She was awarded a PhD in French Literature at Washington University in St. Louis and a certificate in Women, Gender and Sexuality studies. Siham Bouamer is a specialist of Francophone and Postcolonial Studies that focuses on nineteenth- and twentieth-century French and North African literature; however, one that also has broad comparative interests that reach into other disciplines such as Arabic, Gender and Cultural studies.

She is currently working on her first book project: From La Marianne to the Femme Fatale: French Women Travelers in Morocco during the Protectorate. Her continual research focuses on marginality and transgression as a positive state for literary and visual production in North Africa and Contemporary France. She is also committed to research in pedagogy and multiculturalism in French textbooks.

She has joined Sam Houston State University in August 2016 and have taught Elementary and Intermediate French and serves as an advisor for French minors and for the French Club. She is also part of various committees in the department and in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Research Interests

  • Colonial and postcolonial studies
  • Transnational studies
  • Maghrebi studies
  • Second Language Acquisition


“Lettres Parisiennes: De l’exil à la migrance” dans Les écritures migrantes : de l’exil à la migrance littéraire dans le roman francophone, sous la direction d’Adama Coulibaly et Yao Louis Konan (Paris : L’Harmattan, 2015).

“Yamina Benguigui’s Aïcha: Modeling Cultural Hybridity?” (In preparation)

Uzum, B., Malakaj, E., Bouamer, S., Zahrawi, S., & Yazan, B. ) “Culture and Interculturality in Arabic, German, and French Foreign Language Textbooks (In preparation)

Recent conferences

"Aïcha, la banlieue in Prime Time: Between Intersectionality and Whitewashed Feminism.” The 48th annual NeMLA. March 23-26.

“Abdellah Taia: Coming out de l’image archétype du maghrébin en exil,” The Contemporary French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium. March 17-19 2016.

“Claude Lorris et Jeanine Berthel: Voyageuses et femmes fatales,” The Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Conference in University of Kentucky. April 23-25 2015.

“French Women Travelers in Morocco: Becoming the Other Women”. Truman State University Women and Gender Studies Conference. January 29-31 2015.

List of courses regularly taught at SHSU

French 1411: Elementary French I

French 1412: Elementary French II

French 2311: Intermediate French I

French 2312: Intermediate French II