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FAMC Creative Community Graduate Assistantships (2)

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In a unique collaborative effort with Residence Life (RL), the College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication (FAMC) is planning to share two Graduate Assistants with Residence Life to facilitate and oversee programming for the new fine arts Living-Learning community at Belvin-Buchanan Hall, which has been entitled FAMC Creative Community (FCC).  The bottom floor of Belvin Hall has been renovated and includes multiple new creative studios and rehearsal and performance/display spaces.

One of the two Graduate Assistants (GA) selected for FCC will be a first-year FAMC graduate student, and may be provided, free of charge, the additional benefit of a designated apartment in Belvin for the fall and spring semesters.  A second GA will be a graduate student in their second year of study.  As this program progresses, to provide continuity, the first-year FCC GA with a two-year commitment, would, in their second year, become the “second-year” GA for FCC, providing leadership and experience to FCC and the new first-year GA.  The award of both GA positions will be competitive. Information and criteria for the award and application information is noted below.



Graduate Assistants are required to contribute 20 hours per week in order to complete the requirements of the position.  7-8 hours per week will be devoted to the FAMC Creative Community in Belvin Hall.  The remaining 12-13 hours will be designated by the student’s department in coordination with the College of Fine Arts and Mass Communications.

The position is intended to provide practical arts experience.  The two GAs will work with students from all FAMC departments and oversee music practice rooms, dance studios, and digital and recording equipment located in the lower level of Belvin Hall.   The GAs will also have the opportunity to assist with coordinating arts events such as recitals, lectures, and exhibits that are presented in Belvin Hall.

The ideal candidate should possess the ability to work with others, have good communication skills and support the philosophies of FAMC and RL.



The Graduate Assistants for the FAMC Creative Community will be expected to attend weekly meetings, oversee the scheduling of rooms and spaces in Belvin Hall, assist with performances and events, and provide desk support. GAs will also be expected to perform duties as assigned by the department of their master’s program.

The Graduate Assistants (2) for the FAMC Creative Community will be expected to:

  • Serve as a liaisons between FAMC, its departments, and Residence Life (RL)
  • Assist with establishment of day-to-day procedures related to the creative community spaces
  • Collaborate with FAMC departments and RL to facilitate programming and events for residents
  • Lead in establishment and enforcement of policies for the use and care of FCC creative studios
  • Attend and contribute to weekly FCC council meetings with FCC residents
  • Collaborate with FAMC departments and RL to facilitate programming and events for residents
  • Work with RL to oversee scheduling/reservation of creative studios and conference room
  • Supervise students employees assigned to work at the FCC ground floor reception desk


Eligibility Criteria

Interested prospective graduate students in FAMC should forward application by March 15.
Applicants must be accepted in one of FAMC's academic programs to be eligible to receive a graduate position. Preference will be given to students who have been accepted by April 1.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to initiate the application process at least three months prior to the graduate assistantship application deadline (annually, April 1).

  • Undergraduate/Graduate GPA of 3.3
  • Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Completed Application
  • Interviews to be held first two weeks of April (Face-to-face or “Skype”)



The FAMC Graduate Committee, in collaboration with Residence Life, will review applications, interview candidates, and forward their recommendations to the Dean.  Selected applicants will be notified by May 1.

Continuity is most desirable in these positions, and recipients in their first year of graduate school would ideally retain the FCC Graduate Assistantship into the second year.  GA must be a full-time student, maintain a 3.3 GPA, and show reasonable academic progress.


Collaborative Liaison and Leader for FAMC and Residence Life

The FAMC Creative Community represents a unique collaboration between Residence Life and the College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication, and presents unique opportunities for two FAMC graduate assistants and others, especially the FAMC students who live there.  The FCC GAs, working for and with Residence Life and FAMC, would become knowledgeable and incorporate the philosophies and procedures of both RL and FAMC, serving as a liaison and leader in both programming for FCC residents and use of the creative studios on the ground floor of Belvin.