Spring 2015 Seminar Schedule

Jan. 22
Dr. Aaron Roberts
Dr. Aaron Roberts
University of North Texas
Host: Dr. Harper

Mercury and Macrophages: Implications for Toxicity in Fish and Wildlife

Jan. 29
Dr. Mark Siddall
Dr. Mark Siddall
American Museum of Natural History
Host: Dr. Cook

Advanced genome and imaging technology totally sucks: lessons from leeches

Feb. 5
Dr. Jae-il Park
Dr. Jae-Il Park
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Host: Dr. Seeling

Manipulating Wnt Signaling in Stem Cells and Cancer

Feb. 12
Dr. Milt Ostrofsky
Dr. Milt Ostrofsky
Allegheny College
Host: Dr. Wozniak

Predicting Internal Phosphorus Loading in Stratified Lakes

Feb. 19
Dr. Jason Gibbs
Dr. Jason Gibbs
Michigan State University
Host: Dr. Pascarella

The social evolution, systematics and historical biogeography of sweat bees

Feb. 26
Dr. Kevin Lafferty
Dr. Kevin Lafferty
USGS/UC Santa Barbara
Host: Dr. Buck

Parasites and environmental change

March 5
Dr. Pinfen Yang
Dr. Pinfen Yang
Marquette University
Host: Dr. Gaillard

Dare to imagine – beyond the dogmas of signal transduction and microtubule dynamics

March 12

March 19
Dr. Tom Miller

Dr. Tom Miller
Rice University
Host: Dr. Harper

Ecological interactions of plants through the lens of demography

March 26
Dr. Jeffrey Rosen
Dr. Jeffrey Rosen
Baylor School of Medicine
Host: Dr. Seeling

Wnt and Fgf signaling in mammary gland development and breast cancer


April 2
Dr. Peter Christie
Dr. Peter Christie
UT Medical School at Houston
Host: Dr. Choudhary

Biological and Structural Diversity of Bacterial Type IV Secretion Systems

April 9
Dr. Gil Rosenthal
Dr. Gil Rosenthal
Texas A&M University
Host: Dr. Carlson (Philosophy)

Mate choice and its consequences: insights from natural hybrid zones

April 16
Dr. Carlos Santamaria
Dr. Carlos Santamaria
Sam Houston State University
Host: Biology

Diversification of coastal isopods in the Indo-Pacific Region: Preliminary results and future directions

April 23
Dr. Nicole Smolensky
Dr. Nicole Smolensky
Texas A&M University
Host: Dr. Santamaria

Cryptic Diversity of African Crocodiles and Implications for In Situ and Ex Situ Conservation

April 30
Dr. Tony Gamble
Dr. Tony Gamble
University of Minnesota
Host: Dr. Daza

Diversity and evolution of gecko sex chromosomes

Seminar location/time: 
Lee Drain Building 214 - 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.*

For additional information contact:
Dr. Jim Harper
Phone: 936-294-1543
E-mail: jmharper@shsu.edu

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