Spring 2011 Schedule

Jan. 27

Dr. P. Raelynn Deaton 
Sam Houston State University

Effects of Urbanization on Conservation Genetics, Ecology and Life History of Declining Box Turtles
Feb. 3
Dr. Bhart-Anjan Bhullar
Harvard University
Host: Dr. Lewis
The deep evolution and development of the bird face
Feb. 10
Dr. Nate Sutter
Cornell University
Host: Dr. Thies
The Genetics of Body Size Variation in Domesticated Mammals
Feb. 17
Dr. Jannon Fuchs
University of North Texas
Host: Dr. Gaillard
Genesis of the Brain: Cilia & Stem Cells
Feb. 24
Dr. Samuel Payne
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (DOE)
Host: Dr. Choudhary

Algorithms to solve proteomics' most difficult problems and reveal nature's secrets

Mar. 3
Dr. David Rogowski
Texas Tech University
Host: Dr. Deaton
Ecology and conservation of desert springsnails
Mar. 10
Dr. Nilesh C. Sharma
Western Kentucky University
Host: Dr. Choudhary
Plant-mediated Fabrication of Gold Nanoparticles - A Green Nanotechnology
Mar. 24
Dr. Jeff Wesner
Brigham Young University
Host: Dr. Hargrave
Streams feeding forests: terrestrial effects of aquatic food webs
Mar. 31
Dr. Autumn Smith
Sam Houston State University
Host: Dr. Bucheli
Parasites of Doves and Pigeons:  the benefits and consequences of shooting the messenger
Apr. 8
Dr. Jade Wang

Dr. Jade Wang
Baylor College of Medicine-Houston

DNA Replication: A Bacterial Story
Apr. 14
Dr. Chad Smith
Dr. Chad Smith
University of Texas at Austin
Host: Dr. Deaton
Sperm competition and the evolution of alternative reproductive tactics.
Apr. 21
Dr. Steven Pennings
University of Houston
Host: Dr. Wozniak
Biotic and Abiotic Drivers of Tidal Creek Growth in Sinking Salt Marshes
Apr. 28
Dr. Jay Bolin
Smithsonian Institute, Washington
Host: Dr. Randle
Ecology and Evolution of the Parasitic Genus Hydnora
May 5
Dr. Eric D. Roth
University of Delaware
Host: Dr. Lutterschmidt
Storing Memory in Your DNA: Implications for Animal Navigation and Spatial Ecology

Seminar date/time:
Lee Drain Building 214 - 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For additional information contact:
Dr. Madhu Choudhary
Phone: 936-294-4850
E-mail: mchoudhary@shsu.edu

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