Fall 2008 Schedule

Sep. 4
Nicholas Levsen
Department of Ecology and
Evolutionary Biology
The University of Kansas
Ice caves to the Arctic: patterns of variation in the
flowering plant Genus Chrysosplenium
Dr. Gil Rosenthal
Department of Biology
Texas A & M University
How individual decision mechanisms drive evolution:
insight from hybrid zones
Sep. 18
Dr. Jeyaraney Kathirithamby
Department of Zoology
University of Oxford
Biodiversity of Strepsiptera
J. Cook
Dr. Marymegan Daly
Department of Evolution, Ecology
and Organismal Biology
Ohio State University
Evolution and diversity of sea anemones
Oct. 2
Dr. Peter Unmack
Department of Integrative Biology
Brigham Young University
Why did the fish cross the road? Insights into the biogeography of Australian freshwater fishes.
Oct. 9
Dr Raelynn Deaton
Department of Biological Sciences
Sam Houston State University
Battle between or within the sexes? Female choice and
sexual conflict in livebearing, coercive mosquitofishes
Bio. Dept.
Oct. 16
Dr. Kelly Miller
Department of Biology
University of New Mexico
Females who play hard-to-get are for suckers: mating
systems in diving beetles
J. Cook.
Oct. 23
Dr. Sibyl Bucheli
Department of Biological Sciences
Sam Houston State University
Necrophagous feeding behaviors of Lepidoptera
Bio. Dept.
Oct. 30
Dr. Giancarlo Lopez-Martinez
Department of Entomology
Ohio State University
Antarctica and the southernmost insect in the World
Nov. 6
Dr. Dennis Richardson
Department of Biological Sciences
Quinnipiac University
T. Cook
Nov. 13
Dr. Larry Anderson Jr.
Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Immunotherapy for cancer, planning the future
Nov. 20
Dr. Matthew Kwiatkowski
Department of Biology
Stephen F. Austin State University
The evolution of facial stripes in new world pitvipers: testing ecological and social hypotheses
Dec. 4
Dr. Mark McKinstry
Bureau of Reclamation
U.S. Department of Interior
Recovery of endangered fish and managing water in the
Colorado River basin-past, present, and future
Dec. 11
Dr. Aurora Nedelcu
Department of Biology
University of New Brunswick
To die or not to die: programmed cell death in volvocalean green algae

Seminar location/time:
Lee Drain Building 213 - 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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