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How Academic Community Engagement Connects 'Town' and 'Gown'

There are a lot of walls in this city. But the thickest one, the tallest one, the historically fortified one

A Fun Project with a Noble Goal

Photography students from Sam Houston State University had lots of laughs last week while dressing

Art for the Soul

For families who have a loved one incarcerated in the Texas prison system, life can be full of confusion

Homeless in Huntsville

Community members, elected officials and directors from multiple organizations came together

CCE Celebrates 5th Birthday

In commemoration of the center’s fifth anniversary, SHSU faculty and staff members came together

Essay Contest

For more than 137 years, Sam Houston State University has been preparing students for meaningful lives of achievement.

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2017 Calendar Graphic
Assessment: Partnerships, Faculty, Students, and Data Collection
Sustainability: Partnerships, Visibility, Funding, Buy-In, Awards, and Strategic Planning

News Graphic
How Academic Community Engagement Connects 'Town' and 'Gown'
• A Fun Project with a Noble Goal
• Art for the Soul
• Homeless in Huntsville 
                            • Center for Community Engagement Celebrates 5th Birthday

                            • SHSU Students Engage Community During Special Olympic Tournament 
                            • Congressman & Civil Rights Leader John Lewis Speaks in Huntsville
                            • Center for Academic Community 
Engagement connects SHSU, Community
                            • Pilates Class to Bring Community, Students Together



2016 Calendar Graphic
Established Center Staff: Full time Media Specialist
• Began Homelessness In Huntsville Initiative
• Broke ground at Bearkat Community Gardens
• Joined the Greater Houston Civic Engagement Council
• Developed and marketed new Minor in Community Leadership

News Graphic
 • SHSU Theater Dept. Bringing Academic Engagement to Students
 • Sixth Graders from Huntsville Intermediate Take Tour of SHSU 
 • SHSU Students Create Quilts to Help Head Start Students in Need



2015 Calendar Graphic
• Conceived and hosted first annual The Gathering


News Graphic
SHSU Gathers Universities for Engagement
Hospitality House Art Program, Art for the Soul 




2014 Calendar Graphic
Established Center Staff: 1/2 time Director and 1/2 time Office Manager
• Expanded Interdisciplinary Course Work
• Sponsored 1st Community Partner Luncheon


News Graphic
 • Huntsville City Manager Gives State of the City Address 
 • Students and Community Win Big with ACE 



2013 Calendar Graphic
Established Center Staff: 1/2 time Administrative Assistant
• Formalized ACE Course Assessment (BACE Scale)
• Created ACE Researchers Program
• Developed Assess of Community/SHSU Partnership
                            • Obtained 1st Endowment

News Graphic
Annual Robotics Competition to Bring Out the Best   




2012 Calendar Graphic
Established the Center for Community Engagement
• CCE gets 1/2 time Executive Director
• Established the Advisory Board for the Center

                            CCE Logo

News Graphic
SHSU Named to Honor Role  



2011 Calendar Graphic
• ACE Instructors Recognized at Annual President's Address to Faculty and Staff
• Formalized Partnerships with Key Community Organizations
• Built Database of Community Organizations and Their Needs

                            • Established the 4th University Award: David Payne ACE Award    SH Box Angled Logo Left

                            • Formally Designated ACE Courses on Class Schedule

News Graphic
Sam Houston Receives National Recognition 



2010 Calendar Graphic
• Began Faculty Presentations & Workshops
• Developed Matrix: Integrate Community Engagement with FES
• Began Faculty Presentations & Workshops

                            • Received Carnegie Award for Community Engagement    Carnegie Seal

                            • Encouraged College Awards for Community Engagement



2008 to 2008 Calendar Graphic
• Explicit link to courses (ACE)
• Developed Guidelines for ACE Courses
• Presentations to Faculty Senate & Deans on inclusion in University FES

                            • Established Engaged Scholars Committee    Engaged Scholars Logo

                            • Began work on Carnegie Award for Community Engagement     Carnegie Seal



2005 to 2007 Calendar Graphic
• Insitutionalized Initiatives: Speakers, Voting, Constitution Day, Essay Contest, and Movies
• Promoted Faculty Civic Engagement Awards
• Volunteerism vs. Academic Community Engagement

                            • Joined Campus Compact (2007)    Campus Compact Logo   

                            • Began to see the link between Academics and Community Engagement


2004 Calendar Graphic
• Formed American Democracy Project (ADP) Committee
• Focus: Civic Engagement