Reba Bock Fellow Experience

Reba Bock

Who is Reba Bock?

Reba Bock was the first female official elected in Walker County (1923-1941). She ran for office after women received suffrage and served as County Treasurer for over sixteen years. Reba Bock’s roots are deeply grounded in Walker County and with Sam Houston State University.

Reba Bock also helped a large number of young residents of Walker County to attend the University by providing housing as well as employment.  Thanks to her generosity a large number of those young people became teachers, principals, and superintendents.

What is the Reba Bock Fellow Experience?

Dr. Betty Winfield, the granddaughter of Reba Bock, established this endowment that ensures those selected as Bock Fellows will be presented with an award for their contribution to the City of Huntsville or Walker County.

The Bock Fellows Experience will provide an opportunity for Sam Houston University students, with a passion for community engagement and leadership, to make a significant contribution to the local community.

The Bock Fellows will work in tandem with The Center for Community Engagement in turning skills and knowledge learned into action for the good of Walker County.

Reba Bock's story and the Bock Fellows Experiences will leave a legacy that will inspire others to live the SHSU motto, “The measure of a life is its service.”

Who should apply?

Applicants must attend SHSU full time (12 hours undergraduate; 6 hours graduate); be a Junior, Senior, or Graduate Student; and have an overall GPA of at least 2.5.

Applicants must provide with the application a 250-500 word proposal for improving life in the Walker County community by working with a non-profit, business, or government agency; a list at least two references (one must be a SHSU faculty member); and a one-year project timeline (May through May).

If selected, awardees will be expected to report progress to the American Democracy Project by December and a final report by May, present results of the community engagement experience in several public venues coordinated by the Center for Community Engagement, work with the Center for Community Engagement for the publication of the community engagement experience (if applicable), and acknowledge the honoree of this endowment (Reba Bock) with each public presentation/publication.

An applicant MAY include letters of recommendation or other information relative to the proposed community engagement experience.

Reba Bock Fellow 2015-2016

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

Andrea S. has been a dedicated volunteer with the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Montgomery County since coming to SHSU. Andrea has noted numerous challenges faced by those working in the system through her own experiences and research on CASA volunteers and Child Protective Services workers, including difficulties gaining the trust of the parents of children in the program. In addition to her work as a special advocate, Andrea is creating a research-based video that can be used to help parents understand the developmental needs of their children and ease the negative perceptions they may have about CPS and CASA.

Scrappy Quilts

Paige L., while working Head Start Program in Huntsville, discovered that many of the children had only a towel or flimsy mat to nap on. To rectify this situation, she is working with students in a soft-textile class at SHSU to create scrappy quilts for the children. Paige is collecting materials from various donors to make this project possible. Since the Head Start program will always be receiving new children in need, Paige would like to insure that the Scrappy Quilt project remain intact for semesters to come.

Reba Bock Fellow 2014-2015

Robotic Hands

Victor G. worked closely with a child in Walker County with Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS). Using 3D printing technology a functional robotic hand was built for the child, giving her a functional hand for the first time. The hope is that this project will be a catalyst in forming a foundation that will build robotic extremities for a larger number of children with ABS.

Reba Bock Fellow 2013-2014

Grant Writing

The Reba Bock Fellow collaborated with the Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) to locate additional funding sources to support the Center’s initiatives. The PCC is a non-profit organization that offers a variety of services to Huntsville residents including pregnancy tests, STD testing, emotional support groups, and parenting classes.