Statistics Program

The statistics group of the department includes seven faculty, more than 20 graduate students, and several adjunct faculty.

At the undergraduate level, we currently offer a minor in statistics. For more information, see the undergraduate catalog.

The M.S. degree in Statistics is designed to provide individuals with the academic foundation needed to pursue doctoral studies; to prepare competent statisticians who are equipped to accept responsibilities in business, industry, and public service positions; and to present a supplemental graduate program for students specializing in areas where statistics are readily used, such as social sciences, criminal justice, and the physical sciences. For more information, read the graduate catalog of our statistics graduate program or contact the graduate advisor, Dr. Ram Kafle. See the Graduate Handbook for Mathematics and Statistics for more information. 

The SHSU Statistics program is widely respected across the state and beyond. Our graduates are sought after by top statistics Ph.D. programs nationwide. Others are employed as data analysts for major medical centers and pharmaceutical companies, as research scientists for marketing and banking firms, and as college instructors and professors.

The research areas of our statistics faculty include:

  • sports statistics
  • discriminant analysis
  • Bayesian statistics
  • multivariate statistics
  • biomedical statistics
  • quality control
  • survey sampling
  • generalized linear mixed models