Mathematics Program

A 2022 congressional bill, “H.R.3588 - Mathematical and Statistical Modeling Education Act” states the following:

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States will need 1,000,000 additional STEM professionals than it is on track to produce in the coming decade.

The field of data science, which is relevant in almost every workplace, relies on the ability to work in teams and use computational tools to do mathematical and statistical problem solving.

Many STEM occupations offer higher wages, more opportunities for advancement, and a higher degree of job security than non-STEM jobs.”

The SHSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers various degrees that are designed to prepare students for STEM careers in industry and academia that require an in-depth knowledge of pure and applied mathematics.

At the undergraduate level, we offer the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Mathematics, as well as a Minor in Mathematics. For more information, see the undergraduate catalog or contact the undergraduate coordinator Dr. John Alford.

At the graduate level, we offer the Master of Science in Mathematics degree. It is a two-year, 36-hour program with a thesis option. Our mathematics program offers small class sizes giving students the opportunity to receive individual attention and greater active student participation. For more information, see the graduate catalog of our mathematics graduate program, or contact the graduate advisor, Dr. Brandy Doleshal. See the Graduate Handbook for Mathematics and Statistics

The research areas of our mathematics faculty include:

  • commutative algebra
  • geometric group theory
  • knot theory
  • geometric and low-dimensional topology
  • combinatorics
  • noncommutative functional analysis
  • operator algebras
  • logic and ultrafilters
  • numerical analysis
  • partial differential equations and applications
  • infinite-dimensional dynamical systems
  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning
  • mathematical modeling
  • mathematical biology

There are many opportunities for students, both graduate and undergraduate, to be involved in research projects with faculty. In addition to invaluable experience, research projects provide opportunities for travel to national and regional conferences.

For more detailed information, please see the departmental research page.