Calculus I (Math 1420)

Calculus I (Math 1420) Placement Information

If you plan to take calculus you will need permission to enroll in this course.  In order to receive permission, you may need to take the following course that prepares you for calculus:

  • Math 1410 (Elementary Functions)

 Use the following guidelines to determine if you can enroll in Math 1420.

You are automatically cleared to enter MATH 1420 if you satisfy one of these requirements:

  • C or better in Math 1410. High school equivalents do not count.
  • A or B in high school AP Calculus AB or BC (within 1 year of taking the course).
  • Instructor permission
  • Eligible to take the placement exam (see below) and you receive a 70% or better on your first or second attempt of the placement exam.

You may take the placement exam if you satisfy one of these requirements:

  • First or second semester freshman who has a 75 or above in high school PreCalculus.
  • A or B in high school AP Calculus AB or BC (if student has been out of high school for more than 1 year)
  • Special permission from the Department Chair or a math advisor to take the exam.

If you believe that you are eligible to take the placement exam, you must contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for instructions either by email at or by phone at (936) 294-1564.

 If you do not receive permission to enroll in MATH 1420, you must enroll in the following prerequisites:

  • MATH 1410

 If you were required to take a developmental or co-requisite math class, you must first take MATH 1314 followed by MATH 1410.

You may enroll in 1410 if you satisfy one of these requirements:

  • 1st-year student with a high school PreCalculus grade that is below 75.
  • Returning (not transfer) students that have not been in high school in a while.