Recipients of Endowed Scholarships and Department Awards

ScolarshipPicAllegretto for Allegra: Designing for Fibonacci by Jennifer Pontius; Student Costume Designer: Sierra Johnson; Photo by Lynn Lane

Recipients of Endowed Scholarships

The Dance and Theatre Endowed Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded to students demonstrating outstanding talent and/or accomplishment.

2017: Tuesday Boswell, Colette Miller, Grace Vann
2016: Alexis Anderson, Brianna McCray
2015: Autumn Harms, Jamie Fruge, Hannah Woolridge
2014: Jennifer Mabus, Alyssa Morales
2013: Katherine Huddelston, Grace Wilson
2012: Alicia Carlin
2011: Amy Wright
2010: Danielle Gonzaba
2009: Caitlin Franco

The Jonathan Charles Scholarship Endowment for Dance

The Jonathan Charles Scholarship was established in memory of John Charles Smith, “Jonathan Charles”.  It is awarded to a major in dance or musical theatre with a dance emphasis, who shows great strength across the full range of styles including ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dance.

2017: Abby McBroom
2016: Rachel Cox, Elena Giannuzzi
2015: Timothy Amirault, Mikaela Fuller
2014: Rachel Hutto, Carla Pinto
2013: Travis Prokop

The Kelley Barber Endowed Dance Performance Scholarship

Established in 2002 by Kelley Barber, this scholarship recognizes an outstanding student performer in the Department of Dance.

2017: Wesley Cordova-Ebert
2016: Joel Rivera
2015: Rebekah Adkins
2014: Rachael Hutto
2013: La’Rodney Freeman
2012: Rachael Hutto
2011: Seth McPhail
2010: Shohei Iwahama
2009: Tristin Ferguson
2008: Jesus Acosta Herrera, Marian Hart
2007: Tania Peterson
2006: Alicia Carlin
2005: David Arevalo, Melanie Kendall
2004: Jennifer Montgomery
2003: Alisa Paradowski
2002: Jessica Montgomery

Mary Ella Montague Endowed Scholarship

This Scholarship was established in honor of Dr. Mary Ella Montague, founder of the Dance Program and Professor Emeritus in Dance. During her tenure at Sam Houston State University she served as Program Coordinator in Dance, as Chair of the Department of Dance, Drama, Radio/Television, Film, and Speech, and as Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

The Scholarship is awarded each year to the outstanding returning dance major in the Department.  The recipient of this award demonstrates exceptional artistic, technical and academic achievement and is an exemplary citizen of the program.

2017: Tuesday Boswell
2016: Autumn Harms
2015: Miranda Colley
2014: Taryn Wilson
2013: Rachel Hutto
2012: Abby Douglas
2011: Alexis Anderson
2010: Jamie Zahradnik
2009:  Lyndsay Lunsmann
2008: Heather Samuelson
2007: Amanda Woytek
2006: Emma smith
2005: Stephanie Beall
2004: Genelle Higgins
2003: Tiffany Nirider
2002: Joshua stringer
2001: Lara Huff
2000: Lara Huff
1999: Shannon Anderson
1998: Sarah Bates
1997: Tanika Conway
1996: Karen Filipp
1995: Tracey White
1994: Nicole Parker
1993: Tracy Anderson, Margaret McLemore
1992: Luis Narvaez
1991; Jennifer Moss
1990: Scott Bodily
1989: Angela Danna, Dawn Oldag
1988: Julie Roper
1987: Penny Tschirhart
1985: Hasbrouck McCall

The Nancy Gaertner Endowed Performing Arts Scholarship

This Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding returning dance major.

2017: DeeDee Bourdo, Emily Robison
2016: Hannah Woolridge
2015: Rachel Cox
2014: Kaylee Demetrotion
2013: Rachel Hutto
2012: Alexis Anderson
2011: Caitlin Franco, Shohei Iwahama
2010: Danielle Gonzaba

Recipients of Department Awards

Outstanding Costume Crew Member

Presented to a Costume Crew Student who made a considerable contribution to the production process and success of the Spectrum costumes while exhibiting talent and more advanced sewing skills.

2017: Mary Fisher
2016: Kelly Clipper
2015: Kelly Johnston
2014: Leslie Demny, Dat Nguyen, Raul Pardo
2013: Mikaela Fuller

The Spectrum Costume Design Award

Presented to a Student Costume Designer for the creation of an outstanding original design with superior execution.

2017: Kalee Irwin

Outstanding Tech Crew Member Award

The "I am Somebody Award". Presented to the crew-member who shows extraordinary dedication, aptitude and problem-solving behind the scenes.

2017: Reagan Lynch
2016: Tuesday Boswell
2015: Kelly Kercher
2014: Autumn Harms
2013: Rachael Hutto
2012: Abby Douglass
2011: Alexis Anderson, Kara Greiner
2010: Alexis Anderson, Kristen Pavon, Margret Topelian
2009: Alexis Anderson, Dana Murray, Sarah Murray
2008: Laura Harrell
2007: Sue Gramajo, Lyndsay Lunsmann
2006: Tiffany Espinoza
2005: Krissie Barcenas
2004: Maggie Foarde, Tiffany Jones
2003: Melody Vascik, Naomi Walsh
2002: Naomi Walsh
2001: Jennifer Montgomery
2000: Jennifer Cruz
1999: Heather Zimmers

Stage Manager Award

2017: Saxon Ballard
2016: Dani Tuegel
2015: Hannah Woolridge
2014: Hannah Woolridge
2013: Hannah Burns
2012: Taryn Wilson
2011: Katie McAllister
2010: Jesse Cervantez, Caitlin Franco
2009: Brittney Bliekamp, Caitlin Franco
2008: Laura Harrell
2007: Amy Wright
2006: Tiffany Wiggers
2005: Amy Wright
2004: Jennifer Hart
2003: Sarah Pilgrim
2002: Bree Walton

Dance Technology Award

Presented to the student who demonstrates exceptional achievement in dance technology coursework and the ability to use dance technology in the choreographic process.

2017: Victoria DeRenzo
2016: Miguel Hernandez, Jamie Fruge, Jonathan Kinsey, Margret Leary
2015: Celena Howland, Jonathan Kinsey
2014: Jennifer Mabus, Katie McAllister
2013: Taryn Wilson, Amy Wright
2012: David Deveau, Jenny Gerena
2010: Elspeth Erickson

Professional Standard Award

Presented to the graduate or undergraduate student who demonstrates outstanding professional demeanor in academic courses, performance, and in public appearance.

2017: Robert Clark, Rachel Cox
2016: Kaylee Demetrotion, Jamie Fruge
2015: Kaylee Demetrotion, Jennifer Mabus
2014: Shate Edwards, Lilliana Zapatero
2013: Kim Clay, Tawnya Kannarr
2012: Shohei Iwahama
2011: Ashley Clos
2010: Danielle Gonzaba
2009: Jennifer Nicholson
2008: Yayoi Shimada
2007: Renee Kuhn
2006: Rene Kuhn
2005: Stephanie Beall
2004: Katie Eason, Tiffany Nirider
2003: Jilissa Cotton
2002: Tabitha Anderson, Lara Huff
2001: Bethanie Gilliam
2000: Denise Stanley

Dance Service Award

Presented to the dance major who through personal initiative, offers great support for the ancillary activities of the Department, the University, and the broader community.

2017: Kalee Irwin
2016: Autumn Harms, Aurora Klein
2015: Skyelar Whiddon
2014: Shannon Heath, Tim Holecek
2013: Madison Cooper, Leann Huddelston
2012: Tawnya Kannarr, Brittany Thetford
2011: Amy Llanes
2010: Matthew Harr
2009: Amy Llanes
2008: Heather Samuelson
2007: Amy Wright
2006: Mary Zepeda
2005: Kate Neely
2004: Robin Phares, Golden Wright
2003: April Sudnow, Golden Wright
2002: April Sudnow
2001: Lillian Gray, Rachael Morgan
2000: Krystal Zahrdnik
1999: Angela Jones
1998: Angela Jones
1997: Traci Koehl Schumann, Keith Pinkston
1996: Tressa Wylie McWilliams, Jimmie Morris
1995: Danielle Watson
1994: Carolann Scott, Jonathan Charles Smith
1993: Carolann Scott
1992: Anjanette Heffern

Dance Leadership Award

Presented to the dance major who by example sets the standard for personal responsibility and commitment to the goals, projects and overall conduct of the Department of Dance.

2017: Brianna McCray
2016: Kaylee Demetrotion, Brianna McCray
2015: Katie McAllister
2014: Jennifer Mabus, Katie McAllister
2013: Alexis Preston
2012: Leann Huddleston, Taryn Wilson
2011: Jessica Cantu
2010: Shohei Iwahama
2009: Laura Harrell
2008: Laura Harrell
2007: Emma Chilton
2006: Elon Herrington
2005: Sarah Pilgrim
2004: Sarah Pilgrim
2003: Anne Degollado
2002: Bethanie Gilliam
2001: Bethanie Gilliam
2000: Jacquelyn Taylor
1999: Sarah Barry
1998: Danyale Taylor
1997: Chelley Uyeno
1996: Margaret Ruth Barnett, Tracey Colleen White
1995: Margaret Barnett
1994: Stephanie Isaacks
1993: Donnette Heath
1992: Dana Smith

Choreography Awards

Presented to the student whose choreographic works show outstanding talent, craftsmanship and artistry.

2017: Bekah Adkins, Jaime Fruge
2016: Ashley Clos, Ty’Esha Lewis
2015: Ashley Clos, Ty’Esha Lewis
2014: Lexis Beriswell, Allie Dorsey, Travis Prokop
2013: Jenny Gerena, Laura Harrell
2012: Ashley Clos, Crystal Lewis
2011: Jessica Cantu, Jamie Zahradnik
2010: Amy Llanes, Ali Mackley
2009: Jared Doster, Jennifer Hart
2008: Megan Codon, Megan Lasher
2007: Taylor Green, Courtney Mulcahy
2006: Elizabeth Davis
2005: Nick Nesmith, Robin Phares
2004: Christina Pellerin, Amy Smith
2002: Jilissa Cotton
2001: Amy Cantrell
2000: Ciscerly Haynes
1999: Danyale Taylor
1998: Sarah Bates, Mireya Gamez
1997: Mei-Ling Chen

Dance Performance Award

Presented to the dance major exhibiting the greatest overall refinement and artistic excellence in concert performance.

2017: Autumn Harms
2016: Alexis Anderson, Kaylee Demetrotion
2015: Rachael Hutto, Taryn Wilson
2014: Karina Martinez, Taryn Wilson
2013: Abby Douglass, Brittany Thetford
2012: Caitlin Franco
2011: Shohei Iwahama
2010: Jared Doster
2009: Jesus Acosta-Herrera
2008: Jesus Acosta-Herrera, Yayoi Shimada
2007: Renee Kuhn
2006: Amanda Woytek
2005: Tanya Taylor, Amanda Woytek
2004: Tiffany Nirider, Alisa Paradowski
2003: Tiffany Nirider
2002: Leah Jordan
2001: Jamie Widner
2000; Melissa Driggers
1998: Tanika Conway, Mireya Gamez
1997; Tiffany Hirtle
1996: Brenda Baiamonte, Tanika Renee Conway
1995: Nicole Parker
1994: Stephanie Schnitzus, Tracey White
1993: Luis Naraez, Nicole Parker, Rachelle White

Dance Excellence Award

Presented each year to the dance major who demonstrates outstanding personal growth as an artist and as a technician. The recipient of this award sets the example for focus and personal application in daily technique classes.

2017: Luke Smith, Hope Zehler
2016: Rachel Cox, Andrew Junek
2015: Liliana Zapatero
2014: Angelic Ortiz
2013: Kaylee Demetrotion
2012: Zakiya Reed
2011: Kara Greiner
2010: Crystal Ovalle
2009: Tristin Ferguson
2008: Victoria Zahrndt
2007: Yayoi Shimada
2006: Emily Hine
2005: Jessica Arrizola
2004: Taylor Green, Kate McNeely
2003: Jennifer Montgomery, Joshua Stringer
2002: Heather Zimmers
2001: Tabitha Anderson
2000: Shara Armstrong
1999: Krystal Zahradnik
1998: Andrea Eisenstein, Keith Pinkston
1997: Mireya Gamez
1996: Kodee Lind
1995: Cinnamon parsons
1994: Karen Filipp, Luis Narvaez
1993: Robert Davidson
1992; Tracy Anderson
1991: Donnette Heath
1990: Laurie Belcher
1989: Julie Roper
1988: Shawn Holt, Leslie Scates
1987: Gina Cameron
1986: Hasbrouck McCall
1985: Sandy Marcello
1984: Diane McBrayer
1983: Kim Godfrey
1982: Diane Wardell

Academic Excellence Award

Sets the standard for application in the academic and theoretical coursework in the dance curriculum.

2017: DeeDee Bourdo
2016: Hannah Woolridge, Liliana Zapatero
2015: Miranda Colley
2014: Shate Edwards, Lydia Knight
2013: Katie McAllister, Amy Wright

Excellence in Dance Research Award

Presented to the dance major who completed outstanding projects related to dance research.

2017: Kalee Irwin
2016: Rachel Cox, Mary Fisher, Mirannda Lindberg, Sarah Sanchez
2015: Sarah Sanchez