Minor in Dance

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Minor Overview

The Minor in Dance is for anyone who loves to move and is curious about the world of dance. The Minor requirements include 18-21 credit hours and can be designed to the student's interests. Students take 3-4 technique courses of any style, as well as courses that provide creative, historical, and cultural perspectives on dance as an art form. A total of six advanced credit hours in dance is included. Dance Minors can also audition for performance opportunities (listed below) and submit work to be shown in the undergraduate choreographic dance concert series Dances @ 8 hosted by Chi Tau Epsilon, SHSU's Dance Honor Society. Contact dance professor Travis Lake today if you are interested in learning more about our exciting dance minor offering - tlake@shsu.edu

Performance Opportunities - Performance opportunities for student minoring in dance: two faculty choreographed dance concerts (Spectrum) per academic year, graduate (Masters of Dance) & undergraduate (Dances @ 8 and Senior Studio) student produced concerts, and MFA Thesis concerts.

Minor Requirements

Minor in Dance Catalog Listing
Course Name Hours
Section I. 6-9 hours, a minimum of 3 dance technique courses, selected from
DANC 1201 Pilates-based Cond for Dance 2
DANC 1206 Theatre Dance Forms 2
DANC 1221 Intro to Ballet Dance Technique 2
DANC 1222 Intro to Modern Dance Technique 2
DANC 1223 Jazz Dance Technique I 2
DANC 1228 Tap Dance Technique I 2
DANC 1229 Hip Hop Dance Technique 2
DANC 2223 Jazz Dance Technique II 2
DANC 2228 Tap Dance Technique II 2
The following technique courses require a placement audition and departmental approval:
DANC 1333 Ballet Dance Technique I 3
DANC 1334 Modern Dance Technique I 3
DANC 2333 Ballet Dance Technique II 3
DANC 2334 Modern Dance Technique II 3
DANC 3333 Ballet Dance Technique III 3
DANC 3334 Modern Dance Technique III 3
DANC 3335 Jazz Dance Technique III 3
DANC 3336 Improvisation and Partnering 3
DANC 4333 Ballet Dance Technique IV 3
DANC 4335 Modern Dance Technique IV 3
DANC 4335 Jazz Dance Technique IV 3
Note: In section I, the range of 6-9 hours is established because some are 2 credit courses, while others are 3 credits.
Section II. 3 hours:
DANC 1372 Dance and Popular Culture 3
Section III. 3 hours:
Choose between:
DANC 2373 World Dance: Exploring Cultures 3
DANC 2376 Choreography I 3
Section IV. 6 advanced hours:
Choose two from the following:
DANC 3372 Dance History 3
DANC 3376 Choreography II* 3
DANC 4384 Dance Pedagogy 3
DANC 4388 Dance and Technology 3
*DANC 2376 is a pre-requisite for DANC 3376
Student may petition to enroll in other advanced courses in dance.