Masters of Dance

Masters of Dance


About Us

We are a talented, fun, and passionate group of candidates pursing our Master of Fine Arts degree.  We all come from various places around the world and are eager to find our artist voice with the guidance of this department.

Purpose and Goals

Masters of Dance unifies a community of dance artists interested in producing their work at a professional level. Members must currently be pursuing their Masters of Fine Arts in Dance at Sam Houston State University. The organization is designed to create a platform for exploring, discussing, and presenting one's artistic vision

2018-2019 Officers

President: Colette Kerwick
Vice President: Evelyn Toh
Secretary/Treasurer: Kelsie Faught
MOD Director: Samantha Scioneaux

2019-2020 Officers

President: Rachel Meents
Vice President: Meri-Ashton Van Winkle

Secretary/Treasurer: Hannah Scott
MOD Director: Kathryn Rodrigues
Media: Jorrell Lawyer-Jefferson

Faculty Advisor: Dionne Noble30697952_1712489502192649_5199801000459159251_n


Masters of Dance Graduate Concert

The goal of this concert is to bring together a community of dance artists, both choreographers and performers in an evening length production and share their art with the broader Huntsville community. The show connects the graduate choreographers with the undergraduate dancers to produce a vibrant show.  Each semester, students will work together to design and present a fully produced show. They will choreograph a piece no longer than twelve minutes. In addition to this, they will delegate and execute the various elements of production including PR, T-shirt design, poster design, lighting design, and costume design.