Letter From The President


Much has changed since Sam Houston State University was established in 1879 as a teacher’s college. Just in the last two decades, the university has seen a boom in enrollment growth, significant academic program expansion, a substantial rise in national rankings and recognition, major capital improvements, and unprecedented donor support.

What has not changed is our commitment to upholding our longstanding core values. Values are lasting beliefs or ideals shared by members of a culture. They help to define expectations and behavioral standards. They are actionable guidelines and form the basis behind all decisions.

People have often remarked that when visiting campus, they experience an impression of home—a feeling characterized by warmth, openness and caring. I have also heard the words “excitement,” “energy” and “commitment” used to describe interactions with our students. 

Feedback from an annual employee survey shows job satisfaction and support, professional development, work/life balance, and facilities ranked highest among various measures.

All of our accomplishments, an engaging work environment, and the feelings generated when visiting the campus and interacting with the SHSU community are due to our shared values and accountability. Any significant and sustainable achievement is the result of a sound strategic framework that aligns the entire organization around a common set of values and a compelling vision.

In today’s dynamic environment, our vision helps guide organizational change while our institution’s long-held values of academic excellence, student success, innovation, operational efficiency and traditions continue to endure.


Dana G. Hoyt
President, Sam Houston State University

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