University 1301: Pre-Veterinary Concentration

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University 1301 (UNIV 1301) – Introduction to Collegiate Studies is a three-credit-hour elective that fulfills core requirements for students with a Pre-Vet concentration on the College of Science and Technology.  Please see your advisor for clearance to register for this class.

Course Features: 

  • A strong concentration on career research that compliments student strengths and interests are examined and aligned with college major and minor choices.
  • Students have success with new study strategies in the first year of college when they take UNIV 1301.
  • Networking with leaders and students in the veterinary sciences

How to Register for UNIV 1301

    1. Login to My Sam.
    2. Click on the Registration Tab
    3. Under "Registration Toolbox" in the center panel,
      click on "Look Up Classes"
    4. Using the drop down menu under "Search by Term" choose the appropriate term.
    5. Using the "Subject" scroll bar, scroll to the bottom of the menu and choose "University-Wide" then click the button "Course Search"
    6. On the next screen choose "1301 Intro To Collegiate Studies".
      Click on button "View Sections".
    7. If you are part of a Freshman Learning Community, refer to the appropriate schedule for your section number.

      For suggestions on which section to register for based on your major/interests, contact the First-Year Experience Office or (936) 294-3423.