Clint McRae

My name is Clint McRae and for the past 28 years I have served the Walker County Community and the State of Texas from a law enforcement perspective.  I began my career in law enforcement in the late 1980’s while working in the jail division of the Walker County Sheriff’s Office.  I was then later selected to attend the Law Enforcement Academy, later becoming a Certified Texas Peace Officer.  Upon completing the academy, I was fortunate and promoted into the Patrol Division of the Sheriff’s Office.  Several years later I was selected as one of the department’s field training officers, training new cadets on department policy, enforcement and officer safety etc. In the early 1990’s, I was once again fortunate and promoted into the Criminal Investigative Division of the department, investigating crimes ranging from minor misdemeanor offenses all the way to Capital Murder. In 1995, I promote to the Central East Texas Narcotics Task Force, which was a high intensity narcotics enforcement group.  During this time, I had statewide jurisdiction and my primary responsibility was working undercover on street level, mid-level and upper level narcotics enforcement in the Southern Region of Texas.  During this period I also served on the swat team, executing high risk search and arrest warrants. In November of 2004, I was elected Sheriff of Walker County and since that time have so graciously served our community.