Faculty and Staff

 Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Technology Department
Faculty Members 
Name Title, Program Area
Mark Anderson Assistant Professor, Animal Science
Iftekhar Basith Assistant Professor, Engineering Technology
Rachel Baxter Instructional Design Specialist
Dale Benke Lecturer, Engineering Technology
Marcy Beverly Professor, Animal Science
Alisha Bullion Lecturer, Agricultural Business
Danhong Chen Assistant Professor, Agricultural Business
Keith Coogler Lecturer, Engineering Technology
Kristie Franks Lecturer, Animal Science
Sharon Frey Lecturer, Plant and Soil Sciences
Tareq Ismail Assistant Professor, Agricultural Engineering Technology
Stanley Kelley Professor, Animal Science
Robert Lane Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences
Junkun Ma Associate Professor, Engineering Technology
Foy Mills, Jr. Professor, Agricultural Business
Joe Muller Professor, Agricultural Engineering Technology
Nedom Muns Professor, Engineering Technology
Shyam Nair Assistant Professor, Agricultural Business
Tim Pannkuk Associate Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences
Dwayne Pavelock Associate Chair; Professor, Agriculture Education
Nibert Saltibus Assistant Professor, Engineering Technology
Ryan Saucier Assistant Professor, Agricultural Engineering Technology
Christopher Stewart Lecturer, Animal Science - Wildlife Management
Min Jae Suh Assistant Professor, Engineering Technology
Kyle Stutts Associate Professor, Animal Science
Doug Ullrich Professor, Agriculture Education & BAAS Coordinator
Terry Waugh Lecturer, Agricultural Science & Engineering Technology
Marsha Wilson Lecturer, Agricultural Business
Art Wolfskill Assistant Professor, Agricultural Business
Faruk Yildiz Associate Professor, Engineering Technology Coordinator

Staff Members
Name Title, Program Area
Edd Artherholt Assistant Agricultural Resources Manager, Gibbs Ranch
Korbyn Breckon Administrative Assistant, Agricultural Sciences & Engineering Technology
Ray Busby Lab Coordinator, Engineering Technology
Tracee DeLeon Agricultural Resources Staff, Agriculture Complex
Deborah Henriksen Administrative Associate, Agricultural Sciences & Engineering Technology
Edward "Bubba" Miller Rodeo Coach
Aaron Sandel Agricultural Resources Staff, Gibbs Ranch
Ray Smith Agricultural Resources Staff, Gibbs Ranch
Dennis Stepp Agricultural Resources Manager, Gibbs Ranch
Sheila Burt Assistant to the Chair


Teaching and Graduate Assistants
Name Title, Program Area
Frank Aniol Animal Science
Elizabeth Evers Plant and Soil Science
Decker, Amanda Office Assistant
Charles Holloway Agricultural Engineering Technology
Lauren Holloway Agricultural Resources
Elizabeth Miller Animal Science
Kari Ashcraft Agricultural Engineering Technology
Kelsey Powers Agribusiness
Matlin Sain Equine Science
Phil Urso Animal Science