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The Department of Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Technology offers a Master of Science in Agriculture and an Agribusiness option within the Master of Business Administration degree.

The Master of Science degree in Agriculture includes coursework in research methods, statistics, and all major disciplines in agriculture.  Students have the opportunity to specialize within a field of agriculture if they choose or they can select the option that allows for certification in Agricultural Sciences, which allows them the opportunity to teach in public schools of Texas.  A total of 37 hours is required for the MS degree, with internships being strongly encouraged.  For those wishing to pursue further graduate studies, a thesis option is available. For more information about the Master of Science program in Agricultural Sciences, please contact Dr. Mark Anderson, Graduate Coordinator, at (936) 294-3367 or


The Master of Business Administration, Agribusiness option is designed to develop candidates for the opportunities that exist in those operations involving both agriculture and business. The MBA program requires a core of 21-24 graduate semester hours in the College of Business Administration and 12-15 hours of pre-approved graduate electives in agribusiness. For more information on this degree option, contact Dr. Mitchell Muehsam at (936) 294-1246 or


Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships for the Department of Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Technology are available on a competitive basis, based on distinguished academic performance and ability to handle instructional responsibilities for the department.

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