The faculty are accountable for implementing the goals of the College of Education. They are:

Goal 1

  • To further excellence in instruction, the College of Education will:
    • Recruit and support outstanding faculty.
    • Provide the physical environments, resources, and technology for instruction and continued professional development.
    • Recruit, advise, and retain qualified students.
    • Evaluate the success of students and faculty in achieving personal career goals.
    • Provide for the evaluation and improvement of teaching effectiveness.

  Goal 2

  • To model lifelong learning and further opportunities for research, the College of Education will:
    • Promote, support, and recognize faculty and student research activities.
    • Promote research as a tool to improve instruction.
    • Provide resources, including funds and time,for the support of research.
    • Encourage presentations and attendance at professional conferences.
    • Involve students in research activities.

 Goal 3

  • To further public service in support of the university community, the College of Education will:
    • Share expertise and resources with individuals and groups through consultant services and applied research.
    • Work with other institutions, agencies, and professional groups to exchange ideas, conduct research, share mutual concerns, and foster intellectual growth.
    • Provide its expertise to other public institutions at the local, state, national, and international levels.


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