Faculty & Staff Golf League

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Ladies foursome

Join us for some collegial fun over the summer.

This two-person, 9-hole scramble league runs through June and July. Partner with your best golf buddy and get to know your fellow faculty and staff members! Schedule your times at your convenience. The league ends with a dinner and awards banquet in early August.

General Information
  • League is open to all current Sam Houston State University Faculty and Staff. Retirees may play, but must partner with a current member. Spouse/Partners must partner with their current staff spouse/partner.
  • Two person, 9-hole scramble. Score no higher than a bogey on each hole.
  • Ladies will hit from the Green Tees and the Men from the Golds. (Exception: All Male PGA Card holders will hit from the Blues).
  • Play begins the week of June 4 and the league will play eight rounds over 9 weeks.
  • Teams are encouraged to play Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights. The Team Captain is responsible for making arrangements with both their opponents and with Raven Nest in advance.
  • Teams are responsible for submitting their scorecard to the pro shop at the end of each round.
  • Each team must submit a minimum of 6 scores (3 scores front nine and 3 back nine scores to be eligible for league prizes. Teams that cannot play 6 rounds are still encouraged to submit scores, however they would become ineligible for league prizes.

Register online at rsconnect.shsu.edu

Cost: $85.00 per person, includes:
  • Green fee for 8 rounds
  • 1/2 Cart every night of play
  • Dinner and Awards Ceremony (held at the clubhouse): August 8 at 7:30 PM
Master Schedule
  • League schedule begins the week of June 4th.
  • Match-ups are scheduled on a monthly basis rather than on a weekly basis. Teams are still encouraged to play weekly on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights and teams must turn in six scores to be eligible for 1st and 2nd place trophies.
  • Eight rounds will be played over 9 weeks with all rounds in June on the Front 9 and all rounds in July on the Back 9.
  • Contact your opponent first, then Raven Nest to set up a tee time. Keep in mind that Raven Nest has Tuesday night scrambles every other week.
  • Dinner and Awards Ceremony at Raven Nest Clubhouse on Wednesday, August 8 at 7:30 PM.
2018 Standings1234Best 3 Front5678Best 3 BackTotal
Jenkins/Angrove 35 34 35 38 34 36
Eglsaer/Muehsam 37 34 39 37 108
Terry/Longoria 39 38 40
Anderson/Carroll 38 32 38 40 37 107
Hyman/Oden 34 35 37
Fadler/Mc Murray 43 42 44 45 45 45 134
Rider/Weaver 35 42 39 41 40 120
DelRio/Mahlen 33 33 35 37 31 32 98
Power/Agins 42 42 44 42 43
Blevins/Theodori 36 35 38 42 38
Barnard/Le Norman 39 36 43 40 42 41 123
Chatal/Thibodeaux 40 39 40

Standardized Rules:

  • Golf twosome can consist of all men, all women or any combination. No team can be comprised of 2 "A" players, which is defined as a person with a 10 handicap or lower.
  • Men will hit from the Gold Tee boxes, all holes, all rounds. (Exception: All Male PGA card holders must hit from the blue tee box).
  • Women will hit from the Green Tee boxes.
  • Single entries will be accepted.
  • Bogey is your friend. Report scores no higher than a bogey on your scorecard. If you reach that point on any given hole, pick-up and move on to the next hole.
  • Players must also adhere to all course rules when participating in the league.
  • Be sure to drop your scorecards off at the Clubhouse. If the evening is running late, you can also drop your scorecard in the drop box, located just inside the cart barn.

Course Rules:

  • Only two riders and two bags allowed per cart
  • Each player must have their own golf bag and equipment
  • No metal spikes or athletic cleats
  • Ball marks, divots and bunkers must be fixed, replaced and raked
  • Carts must obey the 90 degree rule unless directed otherwise
  • Golf carts must be kept out of long native grass
  • Golfers are responsible for course and equipment damage
  • All tournament players must keep up with pace of play
  • Proper attire must be worn at all times

If you have any questions, please contact Brian Weaver at (936) 294-1934.


Payment Options

  • Currently SHSU Recreational Sports offers the following payment options for the Faculty & Staff Golf League: Online, by phone or in person
  • To pay by phone please contact the SHSU Recreational Sports Department at (936) 294-1985. We will accept credit cards over the phone
  • To make a payment in person, please come by the SHSU Recreational Sports Office located in the Recreational Sports Center suite 162. They will accept cash, check, credit card or money order in the office
  • If you have any questions, please contact the SHSU Recreational Sports Department or Brian Weaver at (936) 294-1934.