In Memoriam

Portait of John Wilson

John Wilson, Ph.D

The Department of Physics and Astronomy is saddened to announce the passing of Dr. Wilson.

Physics Personnel

  • Portait of James B. Dent

    James B. Dent, Ph.D.
    Texas A&M University

    Particle Theory, Cosmology, Dark Matter, and Neutrino Physics
    phone: (936) 294-4860
    office: Farrington 216B

  • Portait of Barry A. Friedman

    Barry A. Friedman, Ph.D.
    University of Illinois

    Theoretical Physics
    phone: (936) 294-1604
    office: Farrington 204B

  • Portait of Hui Fang

    Hui Fang, Ph.D.
    University of Houston

    Materials Engineering
    phone: (936) 294-4288
    office: Farrington 204G

  • Portait of C. Renee James

    C. Renee James, Ph.D.
    University of Texas - Austin

    Observational Astronomy
    phone: (936) 294-4888
    office: Farrington 306A

  • Portait of Gan Liang

    Gan Liang, Ph.D.
    Rutgers University

    phone: (936) 294-1608
    office: Farrington 204F

  • Portait of Charles R. Meitzler

    Charles R. Meitzler, Ph.D.
    Rutgers University

    Fluid Dynamics, Accelerator Physics
    phone: (936) 294-1606
    office: Farrington 313

  • Portait of Scott T. Miller

    Scott T. Miller, Ph.D.
    University of Maryland

    Astronomy Education
    phone: (936) 294-3266
    office: Farrington 316

  • Portait of Will Shepherd

    Will Shepherd, Ph.D.
    University of California at Irvine

    Particle Physics
    phone: (936) 294-1600
    office: Farrington 216C

  • Portait of Joel W. Walker

    Joel W. Walker, Ph.D.
    Texas A&M University

    Department Chair — High Energy Theory, Collider and Neutrino Phenomenology
    phone: (936) 294-4803
    office: Farrington 204D

  • Portait of Anne Wheary

    Anne Weathersby — Administrative Assistant

    phone: (936) 294-1601
    office: Farrington 204C