Planetarium Schedule - Spring 2024

The planetarium is located in the Farrington Building, room 102. Admission is free. For more information or a complete list of available shows, contact Mike Prokosch at 936-294-3664, or follow us on Facebook. Clear Skies!

Date Time Show AAVSO Star of the Month
Thursday, January 18th 7:00 The Dark Matter Mystery Pleione in Taurus
Thursday, February 22nd 7:00 Totality Over Texas Betelgeuse in Orion
Thursday, March 7th 7:00 Totality Over Texas Propus in Gemini
Thursday, April 18th 7:00 The Dark Matter Mystery R Leonis in Leo
Thursday, May 2nd 7:00 The Magic Tree House V Hydrae in Hydra
Thursday, May 9th 7:00 The Dark Matter Mystery V Hydrae in Hydra