Observatory Schedule - Fall 2022

The nights listed here are only for SHSU students who are taking the lab. Call 936-294-3664 to see if the observatory lab has been canceled. Students arriving more than 15 minutes late will not be admitted. Bring a red flashlight and expect mosquitoes and/or cold weather — dress warmly if chilly conditions apply! There will be no makeup days for any labs canceled. Any questions or concerns should be directed to Prof. Jeff Wilkins. For field trips and public viewing nights contact Mike Prokosch mwp007@shsu.edu.

DateAstronomy Notes for the Day
Wednesday, September 7th          8:00pm
Thursday, September 8th             8:00pm
Monday, September 12th              8:00pm
Friday, September 16th                8:00pm
Tuesday, September 20th             8:00pm
Wednesday, September 21st         8:00pm
Monday, September 26th              8:00pm Super thin crescent moon
Thursday, September 29th            8:00pm
Tuesday, October 4th                    8:00pm
Wednesday, October 5th               8:00pm
Monday, October 17th                   8:00pm Last Quarter Moon
Tuesday, October 20th                  8:00pm
Tuesday, October 25th                  8:00pm New Moon
Wednesday, October 26th              8:00pm
Thursday, November 2nd              8:00pm
Friday, November 3rd                   8:00pm
Monday, November 7th                 8:00pm Full Moon, eclipse tomorrow a.m.
Tuesday, November 8th                8:00pm Lunar eclipse in the morning
Wednesday, November 16th          8:00pm Leonids Meteor Shower
Thursday, November 17th             8:00pm Leonids Meteor Shower

A Google Map for the observatory can be found here:  https://goo.gl/maps/5chyK3ctBJQTpLAc6