Visiting Artists

The Department of Art invites Artists, Curators, Art Historians and Critics from around the country to visit campus and give public lectures, workshops and critiques with art students. Artists exhibiting in the 3G Gallery give talks, gallerists, curators and other professionals in the art business have come to jury student exhibitions, and Art Historians come to talk about ideas in art.

Past Visiting Artists and Guest Lecturers have included

Arturo Palacio

Dario Robleto

Heyd Fontenot

Helen Altman

Julie Webb

Frances Colpitt

Trenton Doyle Hancock

Michael Bise

Seth Mittag

Mark Ponder

David Politzer

Krista Steinke

Elaine Bradford

Bari Ziperstein

George Bowes

Emma Luna

Eva Kwong

Francesca Fuchs

Harrell Fletcher

Roy Hanscom

Melissa Gwyn

Karen Shaw

Richard Notkin

Wesley Anderegg

Kirk Demarais

Brian Slawson

Benito Huerta

Sharon Kopriva

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