Computer Animation BFA

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3d modeled snail on sidewalk
2d illustration of a mom dad and child
3d model of man standing in photo booth with concerned look

Computer Animation, BFA

The BFA in Computer Animation offers students training in the principles and techniques used to create animated imagery for games, film and video, and the internet. Built on a foundation of fine art aesthetics that includes drawing, design, painting, sculpture and art history, the program in Computer Animation provides students with skills in key-framing to create realistic and expressive movement, video compositing and motion graphics, 3D modeling, character modeling and rigging, texturing, lighting and shading, and the pre-visualization of virtual environments, characters, and objects.

Students in the program examine the cultural significance of animation and study the history of animation as well as theories of contemporary art. The BFA Program encourages experimentation in media and content. Students may pursue Computer Animation as an expressive, non-commercial art form or as a form of entertainment. The principles and techniques of animation taught in the animation program, along with drawing skills and design principles from the Department of Art foundation program, give the BFA student in Computer Animation the ability to pursue a career in film, gaming, or art, and prepares him or her for post graduate studies if an MFA is desired.

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BFA Computer Animation Curriculum

University Core Curriculum (General Studies)
Total 39 hours
* ARTS 1303 is also a University Core Course (see below)  


Art Foundation Courses
ARTS 1313 Workshop in Art History and Studio (WASH)
9 hour block must be taken the same semester.
3 hours
ARTS 1314 3 hours
ARTS 1315 W 3 hours
ARTS 1316 Drawing I 3 hours
ARTS 2313 Foundations in Digital Art 3 hours
Total   15 hours


BFA Portfolio Review


Art Core Courses
ARTS 1303 Art History Survey I 3 hours
ARTS 3385 Art History Survey II 3 hours
ARTS 1317 Life Drawing I 3 hours
ARTS 2318 or
ARTS 3320
Sculpture I or Ceramics I 3 hours
ARTS 2375 Photographic Concepts 3 hours
ARTS 3305 Painting I 3 hours
ARTS 3307 or
ARTS 3310
Performance and Video Art or Printmaking 3 hours
Total   21 hours


Computer Animation Courses
ARTS 3317 Life Drawing II 3 hours
CSTE 1331 Visual Programming 3 hours
ARTS 2343 Animation Concepts and Techniques 3 hours
ARTS 2344 2-D Computer Animation 3 hours
ARTS 3343 Intro to 3-D Computer Animation 3 hours
ARTS 4350 Character Animation 3 hours
ARTS 3344 Advanced 3-D Computer Animation 3 hours
ARTS 3375 Website Design 3 hours
ARTS 3353 Motion Graphics 3 hours
ARTS 4355 Shading, Lighting and Rendering 3 hours
ARTS 4357 Computer Animation for Interactive Games 3 hours
ARTS 4358 Animation Portfolio 3 hours
ARTS 3382 History of Animation 3 hours
Advanced ARTS Electives 6 hours
Total   45 hours



Total Hours 120 hours


Department of Art Catalog  Art Course Descriptions 

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