Photography BFA

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Photography, BFA

Photography requires technical and visual skills that provide the ability to communicate through images. A command of fundamental principles and practices prepares students to solve the challenges of expressing themselves through photography. In the BFA Photography program, students work under close observation with continual feedback, and are encouraged to explore, take risks, find their own path, and develop their skills. In both our facilities and faculty, we strive to support such positive grown and exploration.


BFA Photography Curriculum

University Core Curriculum (General Studies)
Total 39 hours
* ARTS 1303 is also a University Core Course (see below)  


Art Foundation Courses
ARTS 1313 Workshop in Art History and Studio (WASH)
9 hour block must be taken the same semester.
3 hours
ARTS 1314 3 hours
ARTS 1315 W 3 hours
ARTS 1316 Drawing I 3 hours
ARTS 2313 Foundations in Digital Art 3 hours
Total   15 hours


BFA Portfolio Review


Art Core Courses
ARTS 1303 Art History Survey I 3 hours
ARTS 3385 Art History Survey I 3 hours
ARTS 1317 Life Drawing I 3 hours
ARTS 2318 or
ARTS 3320
Sculpture I or Ceramics I 3 hours
ARTS 2375 Photographic Concepts 3 hours
ARTS 3305 Painting I 3 hours
ARTS 3307 or
ARTS 3310
Performance and Video Art or Printmaking 3 hours
Total   21 hours


Photography Courses
ARTS 2365 Photographic Visualization 3 hours
ARTS 2370 Digital Photography I 3 hours
ARTS 3364 Photography Seminar 3 hours
ARTS 3368 Studio Practices 3 hours
ARTS 3374 Alternative Photo Processes 3 hours
ARTS 3376 Photographic Narratives 3 hours
ARTS 3378 Contemporary Issues in Photography 3 hours
ARTS xxxx Advanced Photography Electives 9 hours
ARTS 4315 Professional Practices in Art 3 hours
ARTS 3381 History of Photography 3 hours
ARTS 4385 Modern Art Since 1945 3 hours
ARTS xxxx Advanced Art Elective 3 hours
Free Elective   3 hours
Total   45 hours


Total Hours 120 hours


Department of Art Catalog  Art Course Descriptions 

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