WASH Program

students standing in front of inflatable project
cardboard sculptures on 2nd floor of wash building with students working at stations below
patrons walking around wash gallery
student standing in an inflatable tunnel

The W.A.S.H. (Workshop in Art Studio and History) program is a unique opportunity for Sam Houston State University art students to participate in an experimental studio environment, exploring contemporary issues surrounding the visual arts.

The only program of its kind in Texas, the students explore various aspects of contemporary art in both theory and practice. A two-part program including both a studio and lecture component. It is designed to be a thorough introduction into both Art, and the visual arts program at Sam Houston State University. This program maintains its own facility known as the WASH house, a studio dedicated to this program and the students involved in it. The students going through the program will attain a sense comradery with one another, establishing bonds that will follow them throughout their academic careers at Sam Houston State University.


 WASH Website

Department of Art PO Box 2089, Sam Houston State University Huntsville, TX 77341-2089 Phone: 936.294.4311