Graphic Design BFA

Students earning the BFA in Graphic Design are introduced to graphic design as a means of visual communication, organization, and persuasion. As preparation for employment in a range of design disciplines, students gain an understanding of ideation, visual organization, typography, and production tools and technology, including their application in the creation, reproduction, and distribution of visual information. BFA students develop a portfolio of their work, participate in a Graphic Design Senior Exhibition, and take part in portfolio reviews with professional designers.


BFA Graphic Design Curriculum

University Core Curriculum (General Studies)
Total 39 hours
* ARTS 1303 is also a University Core Course (see below)  


Art Foundation Courses
ARTS 1313 Workshop in Art History and Studio (WASH)
9 hour block must be taken the same semester.
3 hours
ARTS 1314 3 hours
ARTS 1315 W 3 hours
ARTS 1316 Drawing 1 3 hours
ARTS 1317 Life Drawing 1 3 hours
ARTS 2313 Foundations in Digital Art 3 hours
Total   18 hours


Art Core Courses
ARTS 1303 Pre-Renaissance Art History 3 hours
ARTS 3385 Renaissance-Post Modern Art History 3 hours
ARTS 2318 or
ARTS 3320
Beginning Sculpture or Ceramics 3 hours
ARTS 2375 Photographic Concepts 3 hours
ARTS 3305 Painting 1 3 hours
ARTS 3307 or
ARTS 3310
Performance and Video Art or Printmaking 3 hours
Total   18 hours


Graphic Design Courses
ARTS 2323 Principles of Graphic Design 3 hours
ARTS 3322 Typography 3 hours
BFA Portfolio Review
ARTS 3326 Graphic Design Production 3 hours
ARTS 3323 Graphic Design In Context 3 hours
ARTS 3375 Website Development 3 hours
ARTS 4331 Illustration 3 hours
ARTS 3335 Package Design 3 hours
ARTS 3324 Corporate Identity Design 3 hours
ARTS 4325 Advanced Typography 3 hours
ARTS 4333 Interactive Design 3 hours
ARTS 4323 Senior Studio in Graphic Design 3 hours
ARTS 3353 Motion Graphics 3 hours
ARTS 3383 History of Graphic Design 3 hours
ARTS 4388 History of 19th and 20th Century Art 3 hours
Free Elective   3 hours
Total   45 hours


Total Hours 120 hours


Department of Art Catalog  Art Course Descriptions 

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