Business Learning Community

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Quick Facts

  • Students in a learning community attend two to three classes together each semester;
  • This is not a residential learning community; students in this program are not grouped in the same residence hall;
  • For more information, visit our FAQs page.

Students in the Business Learning Community will form a strong, supportive community in UNIV 1301 where they learn about the skills and resources necessary to lay the foundation for professional success.  This community will have the opportunity to take part in special events hosted by the College of Business Administration and network with alumni and business leaders.

2018-2019 Courses

    • Fall Courses
Students must take both classes on the list below:
  • BUAD 1305.90 (CRN 83886): Electronic Communications Techniques
  • UNIV 1301.71 (CRN 83185): Intro to Collegiate Studies
    • Spring Courses
Students must take the class listed below:
  • BUAD 2321.01 (CRN 20824): Design and Presentation of Business Projects