Texas Youth Tech Grant

Texas Youth in Technology Grant

Scholarships in

                Computer Science

                                Digital Forensics

                                           Information Assurance

Dr. Li-Jen Shannon and Dr. Ken Hartness have received a grant of $178,386 from the “Texas Youth in Technology Grant.”  The grant is sponsored by the Texas Workforce Commission as part of a program intended to ensure there are sufficient graduates capable of filling the technological needs of existing and future industries within the state of Texas.  Most of this money will be used to provide scholarships to new students (including transfer students) who major in computer science and to employ more experienced majors as mentors. 


The mentoring program is especially exciting as it takes the largest classes taken by majors and breaks them up into smaller groups under a mentor.  The mentor assists them with their understanding of the introductory computer science material, shares advice, and provides an atmosphere of belonging that is useful for retaining students.  In addition, these paid mentors will visit high schools and assist with workshops for teachers and counselors.  The latter tasks are intended to change people's perceptions of what computer science is and where such a major can lead.

The grant also supports teachers and counselors who wish to attend summer workshops to be held in the summer of 2009.  Individual wishing to participate in the summer program or seeking more information on opportunities are encouraged to contact the grant principle investigators (PI’s).

Ken T. N. Hartness, Ph.D.
Computer Science Undergraduate Advisor
Sam Houston State University



Li-Jen Shannon
Assistant Professor
Computer Science Department
Sam Houston State University