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  • Erica Starr: 390 seats; 5 wheelchair accessible spaces
  • ™Showcase: 96 seats’ 3 wheelchair accessible spaces


  • ™Proscenium: 36’ – 3” wide X 17’ – 10” high
  • ™StageDepth (upstage of plaster line): 30’ – 0”
  • ™StageDepth (downstage of plasterline): 13’ ‐ 6” @ center, 9’ ‐ 6” @ sides
  • ™Wing Space: 14’ ‐ 0” on stage right, 11’ ‐ 0” on stage left
  • ™Grid Height: 56’ ‐ 0’, with an effective flying height of 50’ ‐ 0”
  • ™Apron Width: 41’ ‐ 7”
  • ™ApronDepth: 13’ ‐ 6” @ center, 6’ ‐ 0” @ sides
  • ™Stage Height: 3’ ‐ 6” from the audience floor


  • ™Proscenium: 24’ ‐ 4” wide, x 15’ 9” high/ 9’‐0” deep behind proscenium
  • ™Stage: 18’‐8” deep x 25”‐6’ wide
  • ™Grid Height: 21’ ‐ 0”


  • ™ Pine frame. Two (2) layers of ¾” plywood topped with painted masonite
  • ™ Confirm with University Theatre Center Technical Director before fastening to the deck.


  • ™ Booth to Plaster Line: 85’
  • ™ Spot Booth to Plaster Line: 83’
  • ™ Height of Proscenium: 17’ ‐ 10”
  • ™ Width of Proscenium: 36’ ‐ 3”
  • ™ Deck to Grid: 56’
  • ™ Battens: 56’ and 42’
  • ™ Depth from plaster line to back wall is 38’


  • ™ Booth to Stage: 22’
  • ™ Height of Proscenium: 15’ ‐ 9”
  • ™ Width of Proscenium: 24’ ‐ 4”
  • ™ Deck to Grid: 21’
  • ™ Stage Area in Front of Proscenium: 25’ ‐ 6” wide X 18’ ‐ 8” deep
  • ™ Stage Area Behind Proscenium: 44’ wide by 9’ deep


  • ™ House Curtain: Red guillotine. Counter weight manual lift line.
  • ™ Legs: Four sets of black velour(12’ ‐ 0” wide X 25’ ‐ 0” high)
  • ™ Borders: Four sets of black velour(50’ ‐ 0” wide X 6’ ‐ 0” high)
  • ™ Full Stage:
    • (Blackout) Two (1 mid‐stage, 1 upstage)
    • Black velour(50’ ‐ 0” wide X 25’ ‐ 0” high)
    • Mid‐stage doubles as fourth border
  • Cyclorama: One natural muslin, seamless(60’ ‐ 0” wide X 25’ ‐ 0” high)


  • ™ Black velour curtain upstage (20’ ‐ 0” wide X 30’ ‐ 0” high)
  • ™ Legs: Two (2) upstage, black velour(12’ ‐ 0” wide X 20’ ‐ 0” high)


  • Crossover: Crossover is available upstage as well as through hallway for the Erica Starr. The crossover for the Showcase Theatre is with a series of vomitoriums located underneath the audience seating.
  • ™Access: Access to stage from front of house located both stage left and right with steps. The dressing rooms are located in the hall immediately upstage. The green room is located immediately stage left.
  • Storage: Limited storage area is available for the run of a show only.
  • ™Note: All scenery and soft goods must be fireproofed. Fireproofing may be achieved with Rosco’s Flamex in accordance with the Uniform Fire Code.

Stage Manager’s Console

  • ™The theatre stage manager console is located offstage left. In house, there is a two‐channel communication system and preset house light controls. The Showcase theatre SM console is located in the control booth for that theatre. Shows may be called from the console or front of the house in the booth.


  • The working height of the battens is 4’ ‐ 1”
  • Battens:
    • 19 @ 56’
    • 5 @ 42’
    • 5 electrics at 42’
    • 1½“ schedule 40 pipe on 9” centers with 7 or 5 lift points depending on 56’ or 42’ length
  • ™ Type: Single Purchase
  • ™ Loading Gallery: Stage left; 56’ from dock
  • ™ Pin Rail/Lock Rail: Stage left; 14’ from dock


  • ™The loading dock is located on the East side of the University Theatre Center, 1740 Bobby K. Marks Drive.
  • The loading dock spills directly into the scene shop.
  • The dock is 3’ ‐ 6.5” high X 9’ ‐ 0” wide
  • The loading dock door is 10’ ‐ 0” wide X 10’ – 0” tall
  • The loading door from the scene shop to the Mainstage is 9’ ‐ 0” wide X 20’ – 0” tall.
  • Showcase Theatre access is down a 6’ X 8’ hall with 5’ – 10” X 6’ – 11” doors.
  • The dock is lit for nighttime loading.


  • Trucks, vans, and buses must park in the north lot of Bowers Stadium after load‐in with valid parking permit.
  • The loading dock is on the East side of the University Theatre Center building.


  • ™Dressing Rooms: Two dressing rooms. 21’ x 14’/ 21’ x 14’. Dressing rooms are located in the hallway directly behind theatre (upstage).Dressing rooms are equipped with make‐up mirrors, sinks, toilets, and showers.

Green Room

  • ™There is one Green Room located between the Erica Starr and Showcase Theatres. This room has sofas, chairs, and side tables as well as a restroom.


  • ™House crews will consist of a mix of paid staff, volunteer student crews, and honor crews.


  • Parking spaces in front of the University Theatre Center are available for patrons.
  • Near the entrances to the Erica Starr and Showcase Theatres there are wheelchair accessible seating areas.
  • There is no elevator located in this facility, but all entrances to both theatres are wheelchair accessible.
  • The lobby entrance is at the same level as our Erica Starr and Showcase Theatre


  • House opens ½ hour prior to curtain. Curtain will not be held beyond advertised time except for the following reasons: Equipment malfunction, weather or traffic condition as determined by the Technical Director, Production Manager, and Theatre Manager. All pre‐sets, sound, and light checks must be completed by that time.
  • The University Theatre Center is a smoke free environment.
  • With the exception of Guide Dogs, animals are not allowed in the spaces for any reason other than use in a show.
  • Due to fire regulations, no aisle or part of an aisle is allowed to be blocked in any manner.
  • Events incorporating groups of children must have adult supervision at all times in the performance and support areas. These adults must be supplied by the client. There must be one adult per every ten (10) children.
  • It is understood that no agreement with the client relinquishes University Theatre Center’s right to control the management of the facility and to enforce all necessary laws, rules, and regulations.
  • No stage rigging, stage lighting, or any other stage equipment can be used or changed without the prior approval of the University Theatre Center Technical Director.
  • No client shall allow nails, tacks, stage screws, or similar material to be driven or placed in any part of the premises without the approval the University Theatre Center Technical Director. Repair of all damage is the responsibility of the client.
  • Egress into the stage areas must be maintained at all times.
  • All scenic materials brought in by the client must be flameproof and conform to the Uniform Fire Code.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the houses of either theatre.
  • Guests are not permitted anywhere onstage before, during, or after a performance or during intermission. No admittance to or through the stage will be allowed. This is a safety issue as well as a logistical concern. Stagehands need to be able to do their show work and post‐show work quickly and without obstruction.
  • University Theatre Center retains the right to cause the interruption or termination of any event. When in the sole judgment of the University Theatre Center such action is necessary in the interest of public safety.
  • The lighting inventory will be used as is. No re‐lamping will be done unless necessary to replace an expired lamp, and no conversions will be made.
  • Clients are encouraged to use the loading dock on the east side of the University Theatre Center to unload their equipment. Immediately after unloading, vehicles must be removed.
  • All scenery, props, costumes, equipment, etc. belonging to the client must be removed by the client immediately following final performance. All items not removed from spaces will be assumed trash and disposed of accordingly.

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