Research - John Wilson

Dr. John Wilson joined the physics faculty in 2009 and has lectured extensively in astronomy and undergraduate physics. Additionally he oversees and actively pursues the upgrading of physics laboratories. Upgrading emphasizes computerization and the use of advanced technology such as Pasco’s Capstone data collection and analysis platform. The use of advanced technology in undergraduate physics laboratory better prepares students for research employment following graduation from Sam Houston State University. Moreover, it provides more efficient data collection and analysis, easily providing students strong visualization of the physics behind material reality.

Dr. Wilson has pursued research for over 30 years in industry and academia and has actively participated in and led outreach activities. He has worked with government grants in several areas. His current research investigates the use of thermal imaging equipped Unmanned Aerial Systems in Precision Agriculture. Dr. Wilson has degrees in both electrical engineering and physics, an ideal combination for UAS research.

Dr. Wilson maintains a wide range of interests as evidenced with his having obtained a Ph.D. in physics and a D.Th. in theology. Research interests have spanned the use of polyester films in magnetic tape and refrigeration motors, use of polyaramids in high voltage applications, ion beam modification of high molecular weight polyethylene for medical applications, particle physics, and precision agriculture. In theology, he has pursued the questions of religion and science with emphasis on the work of John C. Polkinghorne.