Undergraduate Courses

Courses Offered

The Department of History offers a diverse range of undergraduate courses, each reflecting the research strengths of our prolific faculty. Our small class sizes allow students to build professional relationships and receive the individualized attention of their professors. The department sponsors experiential learning trips in the United States and abroad. 

Students who wish to pursue careers in secondary education--or who wish to pursue a graduate education in the discipline--will be well served by courses that introduce the historian's craft, an array of methodological approaches, and historiography. Students interested in public history careers can take advantage of our Public History Internship Program, under the direction of Dr. Zach Doleshal. We also sponsor for-credit internships at a range of museums and historical sites around the region. Undergraduates thinking about a career in the medical professions may wish to pursue our unique B.S. in History degree; we likewise offer courses in the history of medicine and public health. 

The capstone of the undergraduate program is HIST 4399: History Senior Seminar. In this course, students produce an original, article length essay rooted in primary sources.  Click on the video below to learn more about the benefits of a Bachelor's degree in History!