Scottie Buehler, CPM, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Ph.D., University of California- Los Angeles, 2020

CPM, Association of Texas Midwives, 2010

B.A., University of Texas, 2006


            Scottie Buehler is a midwife turned historian of medicine. She situates her research at the nexus of the medicine, gender studies, material culture, and eighteenth-century France. She seeks to excavate the lived and quotidian experiences of female medical practitioners and processes of occupational boundary drawing. Her in-progress book manuscript explores local socio-political negotiations around the widespread implementation of midwifery training courses across France and the Atlantic in the eighteenth century.

            Dr. Buehler teaches courses in World History and the History of Medicine. In the classroom, she focuses on skill development, including critical reading, research, and writing. She brings an interdisciplinary perspective to the study of history and invites her students to challenge preconceived ideas about the division between the sciences and humanities.

            Outside of SHSU, Dr. Buehler sits on the board of directors of the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council, the national regulatory body for direct-entry midwifery schools, and she advocates for midwifery access in Texas and nationally. Dr. Buehler obtained her Ph.D. from UCLA in the History of Science and Medicine. The American Association for the History of Nursing, Chateaubriand, Huntington Library, and National Library of Medicine have generously supported her scholarship.