Charles Heath II, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

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Ph.D. in History, Department of History, Tulane University, 2007

M.A. in Latin American Studies, The Roger Thayer Stone Center for Latin American Studies, Tulane University, 2004

B.A. cum laude in Humanities, Minor in Louisiana Studies, Tulane University, 2000


Charles Heath received a Ph.D. in History from Tulane University in 2007, and joined the Department of History at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. He holds the rank of Associate Professor and teaches Latin American history, the history of Mexico, and the US survey. In August 2015, the University of Nebraska Press published Heath’s first historical monograph, The Inevitable Bandstand: The State Band of Oaxaca and the Politics of Sound. The work examines the intersection of culture and politics in the diverse and fragmented state of Oaxaca, Mexico, the state band’s 150-year history, and its role as a unifying, educating, and ludic organization.
Heath’s current research reveals the surprising (and relatively unknown) transnational histories of Mexican military bands and their performances throughout the US from 1884-1930. The research uncovers a spiritual sense of community between the sister republics of Mexico and the US, and the propagation of a specific and purposeful political culture on the part of the Mexican government, while paying particular attention to the reactions of the press and audiences in the US.
Heath has published academic works in the U.S. and has presented at academic conferences in the U.S. and Mexico. He is a member of the Rocky Mountain Conference, the Southeastern Conference of Latin American Studies, the Forum of European Expansion and Global Interaction, and the American Musicology Society. In 2013 and 2014, Heath received the Engaged Scholar Award for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences for his outreach to the Latino community in southeast Texas, and is a two-time Fellow of the NEH Summer Institutes, in 2011 in Mexico, and in 2014 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During the Fall 2016 semester Heath served as Copenhaver Scholar-in-Residence at Roanoke College, Salem, VA.
Heath leads the department’s Study Abroad: History in Mexico, now in its third year. The program covers 2,500 km (almost one-third of the nation’s territory in a little over three weeks). Courses taught to over thirty program alumni include History of Mesoamerican Civilizations, and Public History: Past and Present in Mexico. The program has generated almost one hundred student research projects consisting of 50,000 words, and nearly 1,000 geo-located images, all of which may be seen at



HIST 1301 US History I

HIST 1302 U.S. History II

HIST 2311 World History

HIST 3391 Colonial Latin American History

HIST 3397 Modern Mexico

HIST 3391 Special Topics: Maya History, Maya Apocalypse

HIST 3385 American Diplomatic History (US-Latin American Relations)

HIST 4395 Modern Latin America


HIST 5385 History of Commodities in Latin America (online graduate seminar)

HIST 5385 Maya History (online graduate seminar)

HIST 5377 Race and Ethnicity in the American West (online graduate seminar)

HIST 5385 Female Crime and Punishment in Latin America (online graduate seminar)

Selected Publications

The Inevitable Bandstand: The State Band of Oaxaca and the Politics of Sound. Lincoln: The University of Nebraska Press, 2015.

“Wisconsin’s Good Neighbor: Maestro Diego “Jimmy” Innes and the WPA Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra.” Wisconsin Magazine of History, Forthcoming, Fall 2016.

“Cozumel” and “Classic Maya Warfare” in Conflict in the Early Americas: An Encyclopedia of the Spanish Empire's Aztec, Incan, and Mayan Conquests. ABC-CLIO, 2013.

“Balancing Freyre’s Vision with Brazil’s ‘Racial Democracy’: Dos Santos’ Casa Grande e Senzala por Gilberto Freyre.” Studies in Latin American Popular Culture, 26 Summer 2007.

Charles Heath Selected Publications