Department of Mathematics and Statistics

About Us

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Sam Houston State University consists of three programs:

  • MAA monthlyMathematics, offering the BS and MS degrees
  • Statistics, offering the MS degree
  • Mathematics Education, offering the BS, BA, and MA degrees

More information about these programs can be found through the links on the right. 

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is also the current home of the American Mathematical Monthly, the premier journal of the Mathematical Association of America.

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Department Spotlight

Dr. Luis Garcia Puente, Associate Professor of Mathematics, was recently highlighted in the American Mathematical Society's prestigious AMS Notices, as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. Dr. Garcia Puente has a rich research record in algebraic geometry and algebraic statistics, as well as a history of mentoring others. These accomplishments earned him the recognition by the AMS on October 4, 2016. To learn more about Dr. Garcia Puente, please visit the AMS website.


Dr. Scott Chapman, Professor of Mathematics and Editor of the American Mathematical Monthly, was recently named a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society. Dr. Chapman was awarded this honor for his contributions to algebra and service to the mathematical community. For more information, please visit the AMS website.

Education Highlight

Dr. Luis Garcia Puente developed a Numberphile video on the topic of sandpiles and how they produce amazing "fractal zeroes", while serving as a mentor at the Berkeley University Mathematical Sciences Research Institute. To learn more about MSRI-UP 2017, click here.