Research and Grants

Our faculty are proud of the research they've completed (see below for more information). But more impressive is the work of our students:

Undergraduate Projects

Graduate Projects

  • Liu Yang: Do the bowlers have higher economy rates during the PowerPlay in Twenty20 cricket? A negative binomial regression approach (w/Manage 2014)
  • Christina Nieuwoudt: Assessing the sensitivity of interval estimates in errors-invariables regression (w/Holt 2014)
  • Suzi Gearheart: On partial difference sets in C16 x C16 (w/ Smith, 2013)
  • Rajitha Silva: The robustness of the synthetic t chart for non-normality (w/Scariano, 2013)
  • Shuyuan Huang: Ordinary least squares vs. reduced major axis regression: A performance analysis (w/ Holt, 2013)
  • Jinat Fatema: Analysis of Bangladesh cricket: A quantile regression approach (w/Manage 2013)
  • Wei Zhang: On scaling infinite product and its applications (w/ Wang, 2012)
  • Darwin Luna: Stochastic models for heat flow in a cylinder (w/ Swim, 2012)
  • Alex Diaz: Testing a distance algorithm in tree space (w/ Loft, 2012)
  • Vishwas Mallipeddi: Rain-rule methods for Twenty20 cricket (w/Manage, 2012)
  • Mahesh Fernando: Analysis of model selection methods for linear regression (w/Manage 2012)
  • Samantha Caspar: Midpoints of tree geodesics & consensus (w/Loft, 2012)
  • Robert Williams: Monomial ideals (w/Garcia-Puente, 2012)
  • Luis Molina: Sandpile groups (w/Garcia-Puente, 2012)
  • Sarah Spielvogel: Completing Emmy Noether' 1908 thesis (w/ Garcia, 2012)
  • Alacia Voth: The exploration and computations of mathematical models of intermittent treatment for prostate cancer (w/Alford 2012)
  • Nadeeshani Jayasena: Comparing the Performance of Ordinary Least Squares and Model II Regression (w/Holt, 2012)
  • Crystal Wiedner: Univariate time series ARIMA modeling of weekly regular conventional gas prices, monthly us federal effective rates, and monthly aviation accident totals (w/Scariano, 2012)
  • Charity Bankhead, Generalized crowns (w/ Garcia, 2010)

Current Grants

Current Areas of Faculty Research

  • Differential Topology (Loft)
  • Differential Geometry (Loft)
  • Knot Theory (Doleshal) 
  • Computational Algebraic Geometry (Garcia-Puente)
  • Low-dimensional Topology (Doleshal)
  • Topological Groups (Short)
  • Mathematical Biology (Alford)
  • Mathematical Modeling (Alford, Swim)
  • Mathematics for ELL (Jasper)
  • Textbook Analysis (Jones)
  • Concept Maps (Swarthout)
  • Grobner Bases (Garcia)
  • Exceptional Dehn Surgeries (Doleshal)
  • Difference Sets (Smith)
  • Commutative Algebra (Chapman, Garcia)
  • Computational Algebra (Garcia)
  • Combinatorics (Chapman, Malandro, Smith)
  • Number Theory (Chapman)
  • Statistical Shape Analysis (Manage)
  • Biostatistics (Holt, Manage)
  • Quality Control (Scariano)
  • Multivariate Analysis (Hallum)
  • Regression Analysis (Hallum)
  • Noncommutative functional analysis (Hay)
  • Numerical Analysis (Swim)
  • Approximation Theory (Wang)
  • Numerical Methods (Swim)
  • Harmonic Analysis (Wang)
  • Wavelets (Wang)
  • Algebraic Statistics (Garcia-Puente)
  • Bayesian Statistics (Butar, Holt)