Faculty and Staff

Faculty Members
Prof. Jaimie Hebert, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. John Alford, Associate Professor
Prof. Ferry Butar, Professor of Mathematical Statistics
Prof. Scott Chapman, Scholar in Residence
Prof. Max Coleman, Program Coordinator for Mathematics Education
Dr. Beth Cory, Associate Professor
Dr. Brandy Doleshal, Assistant Professor
Dr. Rebecca Garcia, Associate Professor, Program Coordinator for Mathematics
Dr. Luis Garcia-Puente, Associate Professor
Prof. Cecil Hallum, Professor of Statistics
Dr. Damon Hay, Assistant Professor
Prof. Melinda Holt, Professor, Assistant Department Chair
Prof. William A. Jasper, Professor of Mathematics Education
Dr. Dusty Jones, Associate Professor
Dr. Ram Kafle, Assistant Professor
Prof. Joe E. Kirk, Professor of Mathematics
Prof. Mark Klespis, Graduate Advisor for Mathematics Education
Dr. Brian Loft, Associate Professor, Department Chair
Dr. Martin Malandro, Assistant Professor
Dr. Ananda Bandulasiri Manage, Associate Professor, Graduate Advisor for Statistics
Dr. Taylor Martin, Assistant Professor
Dr. Joseph O'Brien, Associate Professor
Prof. Stephen Scariano, Program Coordinator for Statistics
Dr. Valerie Sharon, Assistant Professor
Dr. Jon Short, Associate Professor
Prof. Ken Smith, Graduate Advisor for Mathematics
Dr. Mary Swarthout, Associate Professor
Dr. Edward Swim, Assistant Professor
Dr. Jianzhong Wang, Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Indika Wijayasinghe, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Dr. Linda Zientek, Associate Professor
Adjunct Faculty
Mr. Joe Adornado, Adjunct Faculty
Ms. Sarah Fritsch, Adjunct Faculty
Mrs. Cheri Hudgeons, Adjunct Faculty
Mrs. Cathy Lockwood, Adjunct Faculty
Mr. Gerald Potkah, Adjunct Faculty
Mrs. Casandra Wright, Adjunct Faculty
Ms. Alacia Voth, Adjunct Faculty
Mary Lou Shelton, Math C.A.M.P. Director
Angie Burgess, Secretary III, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Lisa Langlais, Secretary I, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Debra Donald, Secretary I, Math C.A.M.P.
Bonnie Ponce, Secretary III, American Mathematical Monthly


Honors Ceremony: April 17

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