Mathematics Program

The mathematics group of the department includes 15 faculty, 15 graduate students, and six adjunct faculty.

At the undergraduate level, we currently offer the BS and BA degrees to over 140 students, as well as a minor in mathematics. For more information, see the undergraduate catalog or email the undergraduate coordinator Dr. Rebecca Garcia.

At the graduate level, we offer the MS degree in mathematics (with currently 15 students). It is a two-year, 36-hour program with a thesis option. For more information, see the official site of our mathematics graduate program, or visit the site of the graduate advisor, Dr. Edward Swim.

The department is also the current home of the American Mathematical Monthly, the premier journal of the Mathematical Association of America.

The research areas of our mathematics faculty include:

  • commutative algebra
  • topological groups
  • differential topology
  • combinatorics
  • wavelets and applied harmonic analysis
  • mathematical biology
  • numerical analysis
  • computational algebraic geometry
  • difference sets
  • algebraic statistics
  • C*-algebras

There are many opportunities for students, both graduate and undergraduate, to be involved in research projects with faculty. In addition to invaluable experience, research projects provide opportunities for travel to national and regional conferences, and often stipends from research grants.

For more detailed information, please see the departmental research page.