Student Scholarships & Program Endowments

Student Scholarships & Program Endowments $10,000,000

A long standing tradition of the university is that no deserving student will be denied access to the SHSU experience due to lack of financial resources. These endowment funds will provide income to award a range of need-based and merit-based scholarships that are essential to enhancing the quality of the academic environment for all students and faculty. They will also provide funds to enrich student life and activities.



The Student Scholarships and Program Endowment includes:


Academic Need-based Scholarships $25,000 each
Graduate Scholarships $50,000 each
Athletic Scholarships $25,000 each
Student Programs and Activities $1,000,000

Grad Student

Faculty & Staff Endowment

Academic Program Endowments

Construction Projects

Program & Project Enhancement Funding