Gary L. Oden

Professor, Department of Kinesiology



HKC 212

Curriculum Vitae


My professional experience is varied. I have served as a Corporate Wellness director for Westinghouse Corporation; served as a consultant for MetLife for the development of an employee Wellness program; served as a consultant for Aker Kvaerner for the purpose of evaluating their Corporate Wellness program; served as a consultant for Huntsville Memorial Hospital for the development of the Center for Rehabilitation; served as a consultant for the State of Texas to establish fitness requirements for employment as a corrections officer; worked in and directed a clinical exercise physiology lab; and developed and served as director of a cardiac rehabilitation program. More resent I have begun working with college and professional athletes who desire to increase speed and agility. My current research focus is speed and agility training techniques. We are currently conducting a study comparing speed and agility training equipment.


  • B.S.  Health and Physical Education, University of North Alabama
  • M.Ed.  Exercise Science, University of Mississippi
  • Ph.D.  Applied Exercise Physiology Texas A&M University

Professional/Academic Credentials

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

Selected Publications

  • Glave, A. P., Didier, J. J., Oden, G. L., Wagner, M. C., and Rivera, S. M. (2015). The relationship between body fat percentage and difference in caloric expenditure as measured by indirect calorimetry and estimated by and  elliptical trainer. Journal of Molecular Pathophysiology, 4 (2), 65-68.
  • Wagner, M. C., Oden, G. L., Glave, A. P., and Hyman, W. V. (2014). Development of agility utilizing a multidimensional modality of plyometrics. Journal of Fitness Research, 3 (3), 49-59.
  • Chapman, W., Oden, G., Hyman, W., and Wagner, M., The Effect of Activity Fees on the Participation of Students in Athletic Extracurricular Activities. Applied Research in Coaching and Athletics Annual. June, 2013.
  • Ursula, C. Baker, Edward M. Heath, Darla R. Smith, and Gary L. Oden.  Development of Wingate Anaerobic Test for Highly-Trained Women.  Journal of Exercise Physiology. Vol. 14, no. 1, April 2011
  • Joubert, Dustin, Gary L. Oden, and Brent Estes. (2011). The Effect of Ellipical Cross Training on VO2max of Highly trained Runners.  International Journal of Exercise Science. Vol 4, iss 1, March 2011.
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