Why Forensic Science at SHSU?

As part of the oldest, largest and most prestigious criminal justice programs in the country, the Department of Forensic Science at Sam Houston State University was the first to offer an accredited Master of Science in Forensic Science degree program in Texas and also the first to launch a PhD in Forensic Science in the nation. It features nationally and internationally recognized faculty in the discipline in such diverse areas as DNA, toxicology, trace evidence, forensic anthropology, forensic pathology, forensic chemistry, and crime scene investigation. Learn more about the highlights of our program below.

  • Rigorous core curriculum with a multi-discipline approach
  • Flexibility to tailor the degree to your specific needs and goals
  • Faculty with real world experience
  • State-of-the-art facility located centrally on campus
  • Access to scientific equipment found in crime labs
  • Intensive hands-on graduate teaching laboratories
  • Internship program with strong ties to accredited crime laboratories, offering a wide range of disciplines and geographical locations
  • Independent research with experienced forensic science faculty
  • Ability for students in the MSFS program to transfer credits into the PhD program upon completion of their 2nd year of coursework
  • Proven post graduate success
  • Employment and postgraduate success averaged 94% over the past ten years.
  • The majority of our graduates accepted employment in DNA, Toxicology, Controlled Substances (Drugs), Firearms and Trace
  • More than sixty percent are employed in the public sector, working in government forensic laboratories at the federal, state, county, or city level. Others pursue careers in the private sector or in research.

Graduate Jurisdiction

Graduate Discipline