Dr. A Salim Sehlaoui Biography

Dr. A. Salim Sehlaoui

Chair, Professor, BESL/TESOL

Office Phone Number: 936.294.3969
Email: asehlaoui@shsu.edu
Office Location: TEC 102B

Prof. Dr. Abdelilah Salim Sehlaoui is department chair/professor of TESOL and Applied Linguistics. He is currently chair of Language, Literacy & Special Population Department at Sam Houston State University. He served as Director of TESOL Teacher Education Programs at Emporia State University since 1999. Dr. Sehlaoui has extensive experience with designing, implementing, managing and evaluating large-scale National Professional Development Program federal grants with a total award amount of $6.5 Million. The grant projects served more than 35 school districts in the state of Kansas. He has more than 32 years combined experience in ESOL as teacher and teacher educator (North Africa and USA). He is fluent in French, Arabic, English, and can communicate in Spanish and Berber. Dr. Sehlaoui has knowledge of effective TESOL/multicultural scientifically-proven strategies for P/K-12 grade level, classroom experience in elementary, secondary, post-secondary/higher education classroom teaching. He is familiar with rural and urban communities and their issues and has extensive travel domestically and internationally. He has experience in facilitating large-scale systemic reform. He is CAEP/NCATE/TESOL reviewer and has extensive experience with educational technology and online learning since 2000. Dr. Sehlaoui is recipient of the 2001 Emporia State University (ESU)’s President’s Award in Leadership in Diversity. He was the recipient of the 2008 Kansas-TESOL Higher Education Faculty Service to English Learners Award and the 2004 and Who’s Who Among International Scholars award. He was nominated to the Wall of Tolerance by Rosa Parks and Morris Dees from the Southern Poverty Law Center. He was invited to present at various international and national conferences (London, Spain, Morocco), national OELA Summit, Renaissance Group National Conference, among others. He has provided professional consulting to schools and universities nationally and internationally and edited special issues for and published in international journals such as “Language, Culture, and Curriculum” by Routledge on language resources in the USA. He published books in the areas of developing critical crosscultural communicative competence in educators/leaders and STEM, CALLT and ESL, other book chapters and many articles in various prestigious peer-refereed international journals; recipient of 2011 ESU President’s Research and Creativity Award. Prof. Sehlaoui’s main research interest centers on the development of critical cross-cultural communicative competence in ESL/EFL teachers, critical pedagogy in TESOL teacher education, the effectiveness of teacher education and how to document the impact of teaching on student learning, sociolinguistics, heritage language, ESL/EFL Reading, Computer-assisted language learning and teaching (CALLT), and NPD grant-related research. Dr. Sehlaoui served as elected president of Kansas TESOL and NABE-Kansas affiliate, Fulbright FLTA National Committee, school district strategic planning committees, and refugee resettlement committee member. He currently serves in various College of Education’s (COE) committees and the COE Executive Council, a local community leader, and has other national and international professional organizational memberships. Most importantly, he enjoys fishing and gardening!