SHSU Rodeo Club

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Advisor: Mr. Bubba Miller

Huntsville, the home of General Sam Houston, is located 60 miles north of Houston on Interstate-45 in the piney woods of South East Texas. Huntsville has a population of about 30,000 and is in the center of the Southern Region of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (N.I.R.A.) which means the rodeo team has less travel than any other school in the N.I.R.A. Huntsville is also a very good town to rodeo out of; regardless of the type of rodeoing you want to do. We are fortunate to have both indoor and outdoor practice arenas and maintain practice stock almost year-round for timed events. The SHSU Rodeo Club is one of the oldest clubs on campus (active since 1950) and has produced more national champion rodeo teams than any other college or university in the nation! If you like the sport of rodeo and want to get a good education, Sam Houston is the college to attend.

2014-2015 Officers

President -  Kelsie Leas

Vice President - Nathan Otwell

Secretary - TBD

SH Rodeo


National Team Record
1956 Men's
1961 Women's
1965 Women's
1966 Women's
1968 Men's
1968 Women's
1973 Women's - 3rd
1974 Women's
1976 Women's - 3rd
1984 Women's
1985 Men's - Reserve
1989 Men's - Reserve
1990 Men's - Reserve
2007 Women's - 3rd
2011 Men's
2011 Women's - Reserve
2012 Men's - Reserve
2012 Women's - 3rd
1953 Sonny Sikes Calf Roping and Ribbon Roping
1955 Ira Akers Bareback, Saddle Bronc, Bull Riding and ALL-AROUND
1955 Sonny Sikes Calf Roping and Ribbon Roping
1956 Ira Akers Saddle Bronc, Bull Riding and ALL-AROUND
1960 Karen Mangum Goat Tying and ALL-AROUND
1961 Leo Anderson Bull Riding
1963 Leo Anderson Saddle Bronc
1964 Martin Ruffeno Ribbon Roping
1965 Becky Bergren Barrel Racing and ALL-AROUND
1968 Carl Deaton Steer Wrestling
1969 Phil Lyne Calf Roping and ALL-AROUND
1969 Car Deaton Steer Wrestling
1974 Brad McReynolds Calf Roping
1974 Cindy Galow Breakaway Roping
1974 Jimmie Gibbs Barrel Racing and ALL-AROUND
1975 Jimmie Gibbs Barrel Racing
1984 Lynn McCafferty Barrel Racing
1985 Chip Gatlin Steer Wrestling
1986 Lynn McCafferty Barrel Racing
1990 Jason Evans Calf Roping
1991 Rope Myers Steer Wrestling
1996 Jason Jeter Bareback
2007 Kristi Lee Breakaway Roping
2011 Cody Teel Bullriding
2011 Elizabeth Combs Barrel Racing
2012 Elizabeth Combs Barrel Racing